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  1. crazyfurie

    [W] - The Warriors

    YAY we moved in MTA's house.
  2. Whoa, whats up your ass... jesus christ is there no humanity in the world any more? people flaming people for no reason... go F(_)ck your self...
  3. lol a funny idea would be if someone is being a douche or something admin can put "Douche" over his head
  4. could you guys make text objects... would be sweet for tags.
  5. lol my fraps is the other way around. it doesnt record the sound.
  6. It happend while i was chatting on xfire with my friend
  7. thanks BTW the site url has changed for a bit, there is some problems with registering but it should be fixed soon. Click here to go to the forums
  8. well what i ment by "if you want to join" meaning other people looking for a clan lol
  9. Thanks BTW we now have a site up if you would like to join post there Click
  10. forums are now up Click here
  11. I dont know if i ever posted this before or if any one has these places but Epsilon would like these areas
  12. I have msn on 24/7 i'am getting a site back up soon mybe within this week
  13. Zion!! long time no see!! havent seen you on xfire in awhile
  14. First of all thanks to admin for clearing the topic I have decided that I will be bringing this clan back to life for a little bit and try to get it back to where it was before if you want to join then add me to ither xfire: Crazyfurie or msn: [email protected] If it does reach were it was before I will be getting a server/forums up
  15. didnt know where to post this in my gang topic Epsilon, the forums is stretched and i cant reach the edit button is there any way to fix?
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