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    I'm... Back?

    Heh, thanks everyone From now on, call me by my new name. I found XX3 a bit of a noobish nick Also, yes, I voted MTA SA on the Moddb behind the scenes :3
  2. Xierra

    I'm... Back?

    Can't say that I "get out of gaming zone", but I just travel around the internet, playing another game and turned out that I missed MTA SA a lot
  3. Gosh, you know what a "Scripting" sub-forum mean, right? This is a place to showcase your resources, not asking for help
  4. Xierra


    I think this works best on crowded servers regarding the disability to chat between servers. You know the ones. :3 Good luck Castillo!
  5. Xierra

    I'm... Back?

    Yo. XX3 here. I'm sure people forgot me already, not a big part of the community Btw, so long after I left (Yes, I've been playing TF2 on Steam ever since) I saw the mod got even better. I'm not sure whether I should come back now. I would need to find my disc again for my GTA:SA lol. But whatever it is, I guess I'm just a player walking around, scripting's a bit of my essence, but I found myself creating beats of a rhythm game instead. I started to grow liking on Japanese music afterwards. But I still wanted to create something simple yet good looking here. Once I found my GTA:SA back, I'll be visiting servers once in a while, and hopefully this time there's asian servers along the way
  6. Since I've gone playing TF2, I don't play MTA SA much, but I voted for you! And what a surprise, you won! This one is well deserved, as long as you keep creating good quality servers. And yes, I must say this beats SA-MP even more than I ever thought. Congratulations MTA Developers. - XX3 (Now Called Xierra)
  7. I've been out for quite a while, so pardon me if I'm mistaken. You need to change more than just peds, you also need to change what's inside shops.map and interiors.map to get it done. You mean you wanted to place markers in OpenVice coordinates? Alright. Here goes nothing... Before you start, if you're in freeroam, type /gp in chat or console, and you'll get the precise coordinates of where you're standing now. Copy this in the console and you'll get its coordinates. For the entrance(visible) / exit (invisible) markers, Try getting to the maps folder, and open interiors.map Inside, try finding "
  8. Wow! Mirrored GTA World! Awesome! I think some kind of mirrored route races are possible now. 50p, your first shader was one of the most interesting, things will get more confusing with this Go and learn shaders more, then you'll be able to make cool shaders such as this one!
  9. Innovative! I like the way you make that script. I also had an idea in my mind, what about adding rear view mirror on bumper view, or say, cockpit view? It's like on most racing games I know.
  10. One note: The gravity gun which Devan_LT (doomed_space_marine) made was released, as you may know. Check out the resource on the community, I think it's gravity_gun. Add it here too as it was a redefined CLEO mod.
  11. CrystalMV may give a good way to make 1st wish possible. 2nd, adding peds is a good thing. Is it possible to implement it along with slothbot for the waypoints?
  12. Hey, first community theme! That would be great! Keep up the good work. It's really hot in here. That will make sure people wants to make their best custom GUI theme, like in many popular themes I saw on the internet.
  13. Xierra


    Yep, MTA SA needs download because there are client-side features that made downloads a must. Know this, if you want best quality, you have to be patient. SA-MP doesn't need download because there are no client-side features. This will make no downloads, but it will give you less freedom, no images, no good GUIs, shaders, etc. Yep, SA-MP is made not for quality, instead, for quantity of players. But as anyways, it is always your choice. I still recommend MTA SA even if it needs download, if you want great looking servers.
  14. Sadly it seems it's not quite as straight forward as that. The release is great news and greatly appreciated, it offers lots of additional flexibility and no doubt a lot of hard work has gone into it, but there are some unfortunate bugs currently. From our experience in updating to 1.1, the 'biggest problem' certainly wasn't the server owners (us) being lazy and not attempting to update, as your post implies. That said, we are happy to wait for the fixes to come through. Bugs are an inevitability in development or modification of new programs, I think everyone understands and accepts that, and are supportive of the development team for their efforts. Oz might mean to wait for MTA SA's new updates and bug fixes to make sure DKR in 1.1 runs smooth and bugless. You might remember the time at MTA SA 1.0, when there's still lots of bugs. As time goes by and new 1.0 releases(1.0.1, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5), there were less bugs. I know that 1.0.5 was the most stable version yet. But on MTA SA 1.1, it has to go all over again, like MTA SA 1.0 days, where bugs are still many. New builds may give less bugs and better chance that DKR might get to 1.1 sooner or later.
  15. Anyways, the hedit is totally awesome! I really liked it. What is on my mind is that this resource can be an excellent tool for GTA SA modders who creates cars and edits the handling. This one is much better than having to restart GTA SA everytime they need to change the handling, as hedit changes the handling real-time.
  16. Hey thanks Qais, I just ask to update it because the resource is so interesting! Btw, don't forget to add Lowrider Contest like in GTA SA, which you use numkey and hydraulics to dance. You know what it is
  17. Wow! Finally 1.1 is released!! I want to see servers with many of the 1.1 features included. This is excellent news! I can't wait to see more popular servers, more players, more features on the way. Thank you MTA team. I am honored to see the mod gone better, harder, stronger, and faster, and be part of it.
  18. Okay, that was totally hard. Nice work you got there anyways. Well I wish to see your hotwire script and your speedcam script to be placed on popular RPG / Roleplay servers, not just grim's roleplay.
  19. Wow Jesseunit, you did great on that! Now there's one more criminal way to steal cars. But poor thing that it wasn't released to the community anyways, as no one released that kind of script before. Was it because the script was hard?
  20. Me too. I hope there's another beta test. Well with the voice test too. I better get my microphone ready Anyways, I can be the voice test to see what happens if the ping is big.
  21. Something unwanted GTA SA element has passed through the tiny hole in the wall. That's cool for such a hillarious bug. It's like a ghost, I must say. Did you script this? Or does it happen without any kind of script?
  22. Wish I could join the beta test, but I'm afraid I have to hold on till friday. How many days will the beta test be held?
  23. Xierra

    Parking System

    Well, it's simply this. You forgot to add JasperNL to the author. To add another owner, click Edit Resource, and then add the exact name of the author, which is JasperNL=D. Do not forget to add the author's name in the meta.xml (author=FreeAxel, JasperNL=D) If it's not compiled, means you can edit it. That's in my opinion . Compiled means it's read-only.
  24. So to sort this out... MTA SA: Installs on a seperate folder = Keeps GTA SA directory clean. SA-MP: Installs on the GTA SA installation directory = Messy GTA SA install. But still, MTA SA and SA-MP will both work, unless you got to replace something on your models, like gta3.img, so I recommend you to make backups. Hope this helps you out.
  25. Wow, that's cool! Especially the gravity gun to play some HL2 goodness. I got an idea: If there is a "Gravity Gun" dff & txd, you can load it, then place it to your hands with bone attachments! I'll give it a shot and see if it's rocks.
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