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  1. the source code was created using visual studio 2003 so i would say use that, fairly sure it compiles on vista using that
  2. there is a program called hotkey or something like that, if MTA crashes you can press 2 keys (e.g. windows key + k) and it will kill the current process
  3. it could be that the server didn't have the admin resource running as this is what is kicking banned and fake serials currently
  4. you mean it was their 'brother', they told their 'brother' not to do it but he still went ahead and did it, blah blah blah hackers don't realise that when they don't something like spawn a gun on hay they might aswell just announce to everyone that they are hacking, they will learn soon enough
  5. there are very few people who can actually global ban so just ignore what he says, he was obviously banned for a reason and will stay on the list for a month
  6. This contributes to the topic.. how?? This contributes to the topic.. how??
  7. if you would of said a week or 2 ago, i would of thought about it, but it is too close now
  8. milton keynes is closer than blackpool!
  9. Devon, just a few hundred miles away then I would think about it but there are 3 problems, my PC sucks, I suck at gaming and as I said it isn't exactly just down the road (~330 miles i believe)
  10. there was mta-rpg.co.uk or something but it died
  11. as has been said, it does run on vista and I wonder why they chose to use http://mtavc.com instead of https://mtasa.com
  12. windowed mode was mainly put back in (it was taken out in dp1) so people could test scripts a lot easier
  13. think it only bans IP and serial, not the name of people, not sure how the admin panel works but if it bans IP then people with a dynamic IP will be able to come back on when the reconnect to the internet and get a new IP but serial bans should stop people getting on
  14. it only works well up to a certain ping (not sure exactly what ping but i believe it to be around ~150) then you have to shoot infront a little
  15. locking this early as we can all guess where it will end
  16. kevuwk

    Serious graphics bug

    this usually happens when data gets set outside the limit of the gta limit, it happens in sa-mp aswell i believe
  17. this has been reported and i believe also fixed for dp3
  18. kevuwk


    think the mysql module was more of a proof of concept
  19. kevuwk

    Joystick Support

    locking this topic as a quick search would reveal that this has been posted numerous times
  20. i have heard of this happening in dp2 now, never actually been on a server when it happened though
  21. its midweek, wait till weekend for more things to happen
  22. if a resources needs any other resources to run then they should be included in the meta.xml
  23. inside function pic, change local image = to image =
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