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  1. Agree with that, you probably don't want players to create their own vehicles, because your server will end up being flooded with vehicles that way.... What we did at The Fun Server was mainly to create a new gamemode and copy over some commands from broph, but the map spawning and additional functionality was custom built by us. These resources also aren't available publicly, since we're still developing them currently.
  2. I thought this was a scripting forum and not a download area, anyway: "start broph" in your server console, it's a standard resource which is probably expanded by custom-built resources.
  3. Script to reproduce the issue: http://www.colips.nl/files/setregistercrash.zip
  4. In response to eAi: I had some trouble with the set() function to store data in the settings register, making the server crash (posted in bugs). I uploaded a very brief script that does exactly this, to reproduce the problem. Simply load it into the server (works fine) and start it (= crash) link: http://www.colips.nl/files/setregistercrash.zip
  5. You may also have a look at http://development.mtasa.com for the correct function specifications
  6. bindKey ( v, "l", "down", "Lights on/off", toggleVehicleLights ) The syntax of that function is incorrect, the bindKey() function takes the arguments as follows: bindKey ( player thePlayer, string key, string keyState, function handlerFunction, [ var arguments, ... ] ) Therefore, you should change the code in the codeblock to: bindKey ( v, "l", "down", toggleVehicleLights, "Lights on/off" ) And yes, this was also wrong in fr.lua (look at the one in your playerjoin event function, that one is correct).
  7. The reason why they do not spawn is, that the function doSpawn() requires the argument "thePlayer". By calling this function on player join, you do not supply that argument, and therefore the function doSpawn() doesn't know which player it has to spawn.
  8. It's possible to check the real server time, and use setTime() client-side, when the event "onClientRender" is triggered. The reason why that is a bad idea is that the game engine messes up screen drawing when setting the time. Doing this on every frame render makes the client's screen flicker really badly. Doing this every 500 or 1000 miliseconds is possible, but again the flickering is really annoying.
  9. Hi, I was wondering how MTA handles server-sided objects exactly, and whether it could be possible (though very complex to create perhaps), to create objects that have some form of physics (like when you hit it softly with a car, that it moves a bit away; like pushing a glass off the table, where the glass is the object in question). My idea about that was, to have some sort of multiplayer-mission-like gamemode, in which several teams have to load a truck with cardboxes as fast as possible, using forklifts. The issue is that, creating cardboxes (object ID 1230), cannot be moved once created, by the forklifts. When they get a lot of damage (driving into them with a car very fast, they will collapse though. I have been thinking of making the object move, once it gets hit by they forklift, but it seems quite complex to simulate physics that way ofcourse, and specially dirty, when the engine that does the job is there already. So the question is: Does anyone have suggestions or tips on this idea?
  10. Not sure, but does it help if you replace: engineReplaceModel ( engineLoadDFF ( "blokje.dff", 0 ), 3374 ) with?: engineReplaceModel ( engineLoadDFF ( "blokje.dff",[b]3374[/b] ), 3374 )
  11. Hey, not a response to your question, but I just want to note you on the fact that I am working on a script that enables dynamic object creation in-game, by creating objects at a player's cursor position. (want to add drag-and-drop for in-game object moving (click an object and drag it to s different place, by moving your mouse over the screen), but that take some time to create, since I got my usual business also ) Anyway, if you would be interested to see what I got, feel free to contact me at MSN: [email protected]
  12. By the way, you can remove: if ( keyState == "down" ) and ( isVehicleOnGround( vehicle ) == true ) then end as it does exactly nothing at all , it checks if the keystate is equal to down and if the vehicle is on the ground.. and if that is both true, then it does nothing, because you placed an "END" directly after the "THEN"
  13. Hello, I have built a script that makes use of the set() and get() commands, to save and retrieve persistant settings on the server's end. This worked great during developer's preview 1 version of the server, but when I switched to dp2, it is causing a fatal server crash. Symptoms: -When storing data using set(), server hangs (windows is reporting that the server-program isn't responding anymore), using windows vista. -On linux (redhat-based system), the same thing happens, except the server crashes immediately. How to reproduce this: -Create a script that performs some actions directly when it starts up (onResourceStart event for example) -In this startup cycle of the script, put a set() command (with arguments ofcourse, for example: set("testdata", "this doesn't seem right does it?"), or store a variable, instead of the string I put there) -Make sure the script is loaded into the server (no problems there) -Start the script ---> CRASH The issue only occurs when using SET(), not when using GET() UPDATE: -The issue also happens when I manually remove the settings.xml file (to enforce the server to start with a clean settings registry) -The issue also happens when there is absolutely no other resource loaded. (I built a script to test the problem, containing 1 line of code (and ofcourse a metafile): set("testdata", "Does not look good :P") The server crashed directly when loading that 1-line script.
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