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    Wrong, it's not illegal. Know your facts.
  2. When in windowed mode, it's possible to drop down to about 1-2 fps. The cause What's causing this are things in Windows, outside MTA. For example when you hover over a taskbar item, a "alternative text" caption fades up and lags both Windows and the MTA game. Also, MSN Messenger animating icons cause this lag, so it's something to do with the movement.
  3. Votekick is useless, as the player can join back in with two clicks. But the point is, MTA is based on a system of different elements, and not playerids. However, you can script playerids in via tables and such, so feel free to try. Back to my first point, votekick is kinda useless. I'd say make it a 5 minute ban kinda kick, cause most of the time they rejoin straight away and try to kick you. Damn idiots.
  4. As proven in a screenshot the MTA:QA team posted a few months back, MTA:DM should work on Wine. However, I was wondering if anyone's having any luck with running it on Wine in Mac OSX. There's a project called Darwine, which is merely a Wine package for Mac OSX, and runs natively on an intel chipset. I'm playing around with it, but it seems that the openGL frameworks aren't compiled with Darwine, due to some bug with the xcode compiler. Has anyone else had any luck at all with previous builds or such?
  5. I know what you're saying, still it'd be easier to just open the script quickly in a small app. In the past the server output hasn't given me errors on a script.
  6. There is a feature which allows you to debug your resources, and have the output show in an alternate 'chat' box, i.e. the debug output. However, would it be possible to rip this from MTA and make it into a standalone appplication, so we can test our scripts for small errors without having to load MTA?
  7. Add another if statement to check that variable straight after that comment.
  8. If you're a beginner, I think you're going a bit ahead of yourself doing this. However, you want to save the stats to file, and search for the file when a player joins.
  9. Add another variable to check if they're allowed to explode, and in the keydown() function if this variable is a true value, then return an error. In the explode function (which calls the server event), you should set this variable to true, and then set a timer to set it back to untrue after 5 minutes.
  10. My bad, I didn't see those (I scrolled through quickly to check). However I don't believe that you need to "omg people" me.
  11. What MTA has kept in are all of the startup logos -- you have Rockstar, Rockstar North, then the intro, and the copyright stuff - it takes an extremely long time to start up! As most people see this stuff whilst playing the SP game (something most have done, probably), then I don't feel that it's right we have to sit through it every time we start up. As a coder I find those startup sequences aggravating when I just want to test my script - and of course when I want a quick game.
  12. I've fixed it now, and it works great -- thankyou again. This is a client side script, apart from the explosion part - I wanted to test out calling server events from the client. This was my first script. Here's the full thing: http://www.tomozj.com/storage/bomber.zip Note: This zip archive will not work with the MTA Server. Extract and copy the folder to your resources folder. How to use? Start the bomber resource, and press b to start. Tested with multiple people, and they all love it!
  13. Ah, excellent guys. I really appreciate this, as I was going nuts! They seem pretty petty errors, which is probably why I missed them. And that random function with no end was probably something I forgot about (it's strange not using a compiler to check over). Once again, thank you!
  14. Let me explain what the script does, first. When you press b, it's meant to allow you to click somewhere and when you click it creates an explosion for all players, complete with chatbox messages at various stages. -------------- Edit As I've fixed the script, you may download it a few posts down.
  15. Configuration -- you need to load a gamemode, and a map to go with it. Load the "fr" mode, which is freeroam, and the map "broph" to go with it. If need be, type "/changemode fr broph" when logged in as an administrator. If this fails to work, then it might be some kind of bug -- however I'm getting the black screen only when there's no mode or map loaded.
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