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  1. The domain is pointing to a different IP from the VPS's public IP. This is for reverse proxy purposes. The reverse proxy allows me to access my web directory typing in the browser the URL (domain name). It doesn't work with the IP.
  2. Hello, I was trying to connect remotely to a database using a domain name as host instead of an IP address and it didn't succeed. So I'm wondering if it's the dbConnect function itself which doesn't accept a domain name as host or the failure to connect is caused by another factor. Regards, LinKin.
  3. Is there any way to change the first port? I've just a range of ports available (52781-52799)
  4. Is there any way to change the first port? I've just a range of ports available (52781-52799)
  5. Hello, I'm looking for someone with advanced knowledge in PHP Object Oriented Programming to discuss a couple of topics. If you're up for it, leave your contact here, preferably Skype.
  6. I put the aftermarket cooler because of two factors. 1. The temperature which is about 28 degrees maximum and 22 minimum during an average day. 2. Because this PC will be running during 8 hours a day with a possible break of 2 hours. And kind of outdoors I don't really know how hot it can get. Could you estimate? About the PSU, thanks I will research about this component. Upgrading to Skylike costs more and I'm trying to keep things as cheap as possible. Not being enthusiasts about this build.
  7. Hello, As the title states, I'm building the best budget friendly PC to have a good experience with the up-coming Oculus Rift (Which I already Pre-Ordered). As I've heard the up-coming version will be able to output 90-120 FPS, so I want to take advantage from those FPS improvements at the Oculus Rift and have a PC capable to output them as well. I've chosen these parts so far, but I'd appreciate any comment, suggestion, etc.. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ry9yJx Regards, LinKin.
  8. Thanks, you really just saved me a headache!
  9. How is it possible to do so by using runcode? Just give me a general explanation, not the code itself and steps to do it.
  10. Hello, Is it possible for a player who has admin rights (but no FTP access to the server) to download the server sided scripts? Thanks.
  11. Hello, Is there some native way for MTA to determine if a certan vehicle belongs to one of the following categories? 1. Automobile 2. Bikes 3. Aircraft 4. Seacraft Or would I need to put each vehicle model in its respective category in a script? Thanks.
  12. Hello, How can I draw a rectangle like this? Do I need to make 2 rectangles (one darker than the other) and then use dxDrawLine to create the bordered effect? Isn't there an option "border" to dxDrawRectangle? Regards, Linkin.
  13. I was thinking about it being some kind of "wake up" message. Like 'stop playing with yourself, get a life'. But yeah, I think that KariiiM's concept is very accurate
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