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  1. Is there a way to increase CEF Browser FPS? I remember doing it a long time ago but I cannot find the right setting. Basic animations are really choppy too, looking for a workaround.
  2. When you mention, docker containers are we talking about LXC's or is it something else?
  3. Nice script but it's not worth $5. It's a really simple script based on unicode. That takes a few seconds to generate. Try maybe decreasing the price or making it open source. Regardless, good job
  4. That won't work anymore, there's a new hashing/encrypting method implemented into 4.x as far as I remember.
  5. Just my review so far, since I decided to take it for a test ride. The support seems to not be trained that well, lacking in communication. I asked where they rented out their servers which should be basic information any client should know, they were not willing to give it. I asked for an IP to ping, didn't receive that either. So far, seems a bit sketchy. I'll keep reviewing them.
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! The awaited gamemodeeee is back again!
  7. It still moves with my camera
  8. dxDrawMaterialLine3D( v.x, v.y, v.z, v.x + 1/9, v.y + 1/9, v.z + 0, self.material, 1/9, tocolor(v.r, v.g, v.b, 255), ?, ?, ? ) I want to make it so that, when you move around the image doesn't move. Not sure what I am meant to put at faceX, faceY, faceZ
  9. FlyingSpoon


    Well you seem inexperienced, you might want to do some more research before trying to set up a server. You can do some research regarding MySQL, and MySQL Servers; there's plenty of YouTube Tutorials available.
  10. Since you're using leaked/stolen scripts, I don't think anyone will help you. And as you can see, the debug string is saying that you're trying to compare a number with a nil value.
  11. Nvm, thisdp gave me an easier solution
  12. Using 50p's Masked Texture creator, I was trying to mess with it a little and was wondering if you could apply solid colors over the textures? I've given it a try below, but it doesn't work so therefore it's wrong. Can anyone help out? Lua File float red; float green; float blue; float alpha; texture ScreenTexture; sampler implicitInputTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <ScreenTexture>; }; texture MaskTexture; sampler implicitMaskTexture = sampler_state { Texture = <MaskTexture>; }; float4 MaskTextureMain( float2 uv : TEXCOORD0 ) : COLOR0 { float4 sampledTexture = tex2D( implicitInputTexture, uv ); float4 maskSampled = tex2D( implicitMaskTexture, uv ); sampledTexture.a = (maskSampled.r + maskSampled.g + maskSampled.b) / 3.0f; return sampledTexture; } technique Technique1 { pass Pass1 { MaterialAmbient = float4(red, green, blue, alpha); AlphaBlendEnable = true; SrcBlend = SrcAlpha; DestBlend = InvSrcAlpha; PixelShader = compile ps_2_0 MaskTextureMain(); } } Shader CMasker = { }; CMasker.__index = CMasker; function CMasker: create( texture, mask ) local cShader = { shader = dxCreateShader( "/files/50masktexture.fx" ), texture = dxCreateTexture( texture, "argb", true, "clamp" ), maskTexture = dxCreateTexture( mask, "argb", true, "clamp" ), }; dxSetShaderValue( cShader.shader, "ScreenTexture", cShader.texture ); dxSetShaderValue( cShader.shader, "MaskTexture", cShader.maskTexture ); self.__index = self; setmetatable( cShader, self ); return cShader; end function CMasker: draw( x, y, width, height ) if self.shader then dxDrawImage( x, y, width, height, self.shader ); end end function CMasker: color ( r, g, b ) if self.shader then dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'red', r/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'green', g/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'blue', b/255 ) dxSetShaderValue ( self.shader, 'alpha', 255/255 ) end end function CMasker: destroy( ) if self.shader then destroyElement( self.shader ); end if self.texture then destroyElement( self.texture ); end if self.maskTexture then destroyElement( self.maskTexture ); end end
  13. I've tried it, you can still see the imperfection. Plus I think it might be better to use images since there's less rendering to do.
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