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  1. Wow, using paid links for a video... Damn... I hope you get banned
  2. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=14511 Leaked script from an old server of mine (Valhalla Roleplay Based), dunno how on earth he got it... RESPONSE: Lack of evidence on the source, or any clue it has even been part of your server. Because it's not part of the standards vG leaks (as you already stated) you gotta provide some sort of additional evidence.
  3. Se putea moloaze sa nu te bagi si tu ? =)))) Si tu ti-ai dat like la postare de pe alt cont? =)))))
  4. exports.global:giveMoney(thePlayer, 1000)
  5. Didn't know it has to return a number or nil, thanks
  6. Nope, I can still add a / at the end of the string and it works
  7. Hi, so it's been a while since I've used this... How can I check if a string has special characters like /\';"£[email protected]~ etc and also numbers? I need the string to only be a string of letters. I tried this but the name can still have / in it when the string is "MyString/" local function checkValidCharacterName(theText) if(string.find ( theText, "[^a-zA-Z]")) then return false else return true end end Thanks.
  8. Merge sa dau la scan de pe ele? Da flood? Ce banda au? Macar un botnet mic tine?
  9. Aparent nu avem dreptul la exprimare libera, sterge si reply-ul asta
  10. If the user's ID is in one of the groups, it shows the outputChatBox with the name of that group, but also Civilian... Life, I have 3 groups ("Founder", "Admin" and "Scripter") and if I put my ID in "Scripter" the chatbox is like this: Civilian| ..:D&G:.. says: Hello world! -- Founder Group Civilian| ..:D&G:.. says: Hello world! -- Admin Group Scripter| ..:D&G:.. says: Hello world! -- Scripter Group (My ID is in this group only)
  11. But how about the IDs of the players from ids = {}? I need to check if the player has his ID in any of the groups because if the player is not in one of the groups, the outputChatBox should be like this: for _,group in pairs(groups) do local r,g,b = unpack(group.RGB) if (playerID == (one of the ids from ids = {}) then outputChatBox( group.name.." ..:D%G:.. says: Hello World", r, g, b ) else outputChatBox("Civilian | ..:D%G:.. says: Hello World", 255, 255, 0 ) end end Thanks.
  12. Hi, so I'm trying to make a script where I store some group names, ids of players within that group and the RGB for the outputChatBox. Here's my table: local groups = { fondatori = { name = "Fondator|Dev |", ids = {1, 3, 54, 85}, -- ID Of Players RGB = {0, 153, 255} -- RGB }, fondatori2 = { name = "Fondator|Hosting", ids = {2}, RGB = {0, 153, 255} B }, hosteri = { name = "Hoster |", ids = {9}, RGB = {204, 0, 102} }, scripteri = { name = "Scripter |", ids = {46}, RGB = {204, 0, 102} }, admini = { name = "Admin |", ids = {}, RGB = {255, 0, 0} }, } So I want to loop through every group and if the player is in one of those groups have an outputChatBox like so: outputChatBox("Fondator|Dev | ..:D&G:.. says hello!",0, 153, 255) I know how to loop through a table, but not a table withing a table within a table... I tried and it's so confusing and my head hurts, maybe someone smarter than me can do this
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