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[D3ViLs] The Beginning


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I'm downloading it right now... I'll edit this post once I've seen it. :)

[EDIT]: Very nice video and very nice stunts. I'll tell you what was good and what could be better:


- Very nice intro

- Great stuntingspots

- Alot of airgrabs (my favorite stunt)

- Funny glitches/bugs

- Great editing


- Music: This is just taste

- Brightness: I don't know what mod this is but everything looks so bright

- Cameraposition: You recorded most stunts from an angle far away

That's about it. If you try to improve these 3 points I think you got a winning formula. 8)

Overal I definatly give it a 8.7/10! Great job Auron and Moby =D> (And coming from me this means something :wink: )

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10/10. Nice stunts. I couldn't believe what I saw.


If you get me this mark, to the ATS and ZS videos what do you do? 8)

lol, they haven't really responded to ZS or ATS that much but good feedback. Just watched your crew's vid. I see the ingame cinema is a trend 8) I thought the vid generally was a solid good vid. Editing wasn't bad but the stunts could be stepped up but what i got out of it, was that you guys were just having fun which stunting is all about :wink: Hope to see you guys progress. NOS, dude hit me up on MSN you f00 :lol:

PS. You should have recieved a msg about uploading.

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Umm no actually... im talking about those stunts... i dont know what view that the cam keeps spinning around the vehicle when you stunt

During the replay (F1 to watch replay) you can turn the camera-angle with your mouse.

You can zoom in and out by pressing both your mousebuttons and moving back and forwards.

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