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[PtM] (Pogo the Monkey)-Recruiting!

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As i left ACK due to a lack of activity, i decided to start PtM.

We are all about recruiting ppl who like to jump about a lot while they are fighting. We have a few simple ground rules:

No carkilling unless it is really needed

No use of fire (Just plain n00bish)

No spamming.

Be friendly to the ACK. (They put me on my MTA feet)

That is all for rules.






(I'm the only member!)

Any support is greatly appreciated!

[PtM]HShadow signs out...

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lol nice clan Hshadow. I guess you have to make a new account since one of the admins decided to disable name changing. About your site name, just go to cjb.net and and change it to whatever you like. Try "ptm.cjb.net" or "ptmclan.cjb.net".

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Maybe you should make kind of a theme for your clan... lets say go to pogothemonky.com then take a screenshot of pogo, paste it in MSPaint (Photoshop/Fireworks... whatever) resize the painting and place the pogo where every you want.

Monkey lol

Do i get a diamond, a car, and a big watch when i join?

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