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Glitches/Random/Funny Screenies

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Awesome screenshots!

The exact same thing happened to me when i piled loads of cars at the airport (Vice city..) and i spawned as mexican.. went outside and bam.. one huuuuuuge swat van, if i ran into it i bounced for miles! shame you cant drive them! .. monster trucks :D

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jakkass is certainly aptly named as http://img98.echo.cx/img98/586/33qy.jpg attempt to 'hide' the identity of the typer proves.

I have a giant vehicle screeny or two somewhere I think, I remember taking some in ssv tho have never reviewed them since * searches *




p.s. Just call me the Tpyo Knig

p.p.s. Why have you started another random screenshot thread when theres already a superb one? Perhaps It's time for a rigidly specific thread. ' Pictures of Tommy Sailors with Colt45's Crouching on Island 2 and Looking East. '

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