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urggh I couldn't be bothered reading the previous 12 pages, so forgive me if this question sounds noobish/stupid/been asked 1000 times, but:

Do u guys play MTA SA? Coz u do have an HQ on the map.

If u do, can I join pl0x?

at the moment we arent recruiting players for SA yet :)

This is because Majestic Twelve only plays DM mods (and since there isnt an full, good working DM released yet)...

Just wait for an release of SA:MP or MTA:SA dm and maybe u will get an Try-out...

Just read the first post or http://www.clan12.com for more...

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We have had some serious thoughts about playing MTA:SA, we even played MTA:SA a few weeks after the first few weeks, but we never tried to settle a team for it, since we are more in to fragging than racing, since MTA:SA is a race mod, it wasn't really the mod we wanted to play as a team, nor do the "clanwars" on MTA:SA feed us.

We just have a SA server up, because our 0.5 server (Deathmatch) was quite empty, SA seemed to attract more players to our server, so we decided to keep that one up and running, since most of us can't be bothered with playing 0.5 or MTA:SA anymore, we haven't layed an eye on the server for a long time, and just kept the server running, even though it's going down on the 26th of this month (if it's actually still up, lol), since we feel it's just wasting our money this way.

We are currently waiting for the first SA-MP Deathmatch mod to be released, so we can start all over again and start recruiting again there, so we can continue our dominating there, well at least... my clanmates will, I'm going to retire from these GTA multiplayer mods on the release, and leave Azer in control, I might join the team back later, but don't count on it, and if I do, it's just to be with my lovely teammates again.

Looking at the current status, SA-MP will be the first releasing a decent SA multiplayer, so you'll probably will find us back again there. For more info, look at our site, or go to #xii (gtanet).

Hope you have enough information now. :)

Thanks for your interest.

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