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Nah... This hasn't been done by L0ngb0ng, im sure about that...

It's quite strange if someone hax you and only deletes the data on the FTP and doesn't even touch the MySQL databases, pretty sure it's just done by someone who received the password in someway and tried to be funny by placing the "hax0red by l0ngb0ng" crap on the website...

Anyway, im busy re-uploading the forums (incl. template) again, since we still have the database no post will be lost, I'm not able to place the website online again, because I've deleted a backup of it a week ago :roll: , but no problem... I can build a new, and better, one if I'd like to and definitely will, for now it's only the forums, which are the most important I think...

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Nah, as said in the above I don't think it was actually him who did this to us, since it were only the files on the FTP that got deleted, nothing happened to login data nor the SQL databases...

Probably just someone who luckily guessed the FTP password or sumat, or got it from someone else, I don't know, but I don't think it was L0ngb0ng, why would he be bothered with just-another, dutch MTA clan...

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100Mbit VC-MP server up at: (or tweak.clan12.com:2003)

MaxPlayers: 30

Currently using the Vanilla.ini with a Hunter added if I recall right, ini will be replaced soon...

Update the first post Azer. :wink:

2 members left as well; Sonny & Exertus, due to quit playing VC multiplayers.

why should i add an VC:MP server? :?

Memberlist updated.

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