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  1. Man I hope my game won't be like that (I'm gettin GTA for PC today). Coz if it is, I'll want to smash something.
  2. They've definitely got enough money to. They also got enough lawyers *cough* Jack Thompson *cough* and enough senators *cough* Hilary Clinton *cough* to complain about them. Rockstar is undefeatable in court though. It's like... hm... Dunno. My mind is a bit fuzzy today. But Rockstar still have lots of money even if they lose in court, so...
  3. That better not be aimed at me. Even though I am 12, I hate being discriminated by my age. I do agree though, only psychotic/immature/moronic people would do that. People who have no background of whats right or whats wrong. People like Jack Thompson, lol. I don't agree with the poll though, just judging my comparing 2 games together, maybe I'll vote (if there is a poll at THAT time) when the next GTA is released (see I don't have a PSP lol) No, it's not aimed at people like you. I'm 14 myself, and I don't consider it 'wrong' that under 18s are playing this game. As long as they are mature/intelligent/etc. and realize that almost nothing you do in GTA is actually legal in reality.
  4. Fat Russian

    Sons of Liberty

    Can I join? EDIT: Ur site is all in Dutch... I'm confused
  5. Perhaps. Its either GTA3 or VC... haven't played either one for a long time (bout 2 years). But that's not my point. My point is Earlier Games more gangster-like than GTA.
  6. hmmm... I guess you're right about the drugs. But still. I think San Andreas is a great game, and I'm not trying to slag it off in any way, and I can't quite put my finger on it in terms of what does it, but the atmosphere in SA is different. Happy. All the places are sorta... well... happy. In VC when you start, you see a f***ed up town, newspapers and things moving about on the ground, Catalina shooting you at the start... it's dark and gloomy and mafia-like. In SA you start off in an alley with a bike, and you go to CJ's house on it while doing bunny hops and things... its still a great game, but for me it just doesn't have that 'edge' to it.
  7. I'm not talking about pickups. I'm talking about the atmosphere. In VC, u could take drugs and do all sorts of shit. In SA, it's restricted to killing only. They should be EXPANDING the idea. Introducing drinking, smoking, making it all more realistic. The deaths should be made more graphical as well. If some stupid kid goes and kills someone, it's not the game's fault, cause the kid shouldn't have been playing it in the first place. So what the hell are they worried about?
  8. Exactly as the topic name says. How can I take a video? Is it a program that you download from the internet? Is it free/how much does it cost?
  9. I couldn't stop thinkin bout this in school today. I've played most of the GTA games, but with every new one there's less and less atmosphere. In VC for example, u could take the pill thing which would make u go slow-mo and hit cops 10 feet in the air and all that. In San Andreas, they've taken that out. Next it'll be "Here, [character name], pass all the tests in etiquette school to unlock the new missions," and "Here, [character name], go buy yourself some non-alcoholic beer with this $500," Their argument is that its setting a bad example to kids. For one thing, kids shouldn't be playing this game, and even if they are, how dumb would you have to be to get influenced into taking drugs or smashing cars with a baseball bat by a computer game? I'm gonna include a poll to see what you people think, because I seriously hope that the next game will feature all the cool stuff from the earlier GTAs.
  10. urggh I couldn't be bothered reading the previous 12 pages, so forgive me if this question sounds noobish/stupid/been asked 1000 times, but: Do u guys play MTA SA? Coz u do have an HQ on the map. If u do, can I join pl0x?
  11. For the spawning thing I mean like the Smugglers Run or something how do u choose which vehicle ur in (truck or hunter). Or are u just given a random vehicle out of all the spawn points?
  12. posted in ur forums, plz read
  13. That's the way I am. I've been quite good at manual aim in San Andreas ever since it came out. If the deathmatch is gonna be 'no lock-on aim' (which it probably will be, I'm guessing), I'm gonna start putting lots more practice into my manual aim. It's all about skill.
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