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ow man!!! are you sick or something??? why do you want to see shit??? do you like to stare and smell shit :shock: ??? i think i'm gonna throw up...

ive been waiting long like u guys and i want it bring it out

yeah, you've been waiting long like us... but you're not as civilized as us so keep quiet and behave yourself :twisted: ...

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Look these guys are working their asses off for no money and little reward. Theyve given up free time to give us something fun to play. Im afraid if u guys keep bitchin they might just quit.

They dont have to do this - but theyre doing it. We shouldnt be bitchin over and over again for a release - we should be thanking them for taking time out of their lives.

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this topic should be closed but nah

all of you who are bitching about release's (yes that means ESPECIALLY those who say they arnt) stop, nobody care a damn of what you think, you can wait as long you live for .3b so shut up and dont ruin this (like some games we know of). so next tiome you think of bitching about something, dont, or you'll have to make the mod's a sandwich, bitch.

there I had to let that out :)

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you know wut we should do to these newbies....jus fukin ban them.. :? ...it will make this comunitty much peacer and HAPPIER!!!!!!

if they complian...

1. PM them..warning that they WILL get banned next time they complain.

2. if they still complain....BAN from account for about a 3 days..

3. if they still complain..they have to be an amature jackasses...jus totaly ban there ip...

jus an :idea:

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