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YaMM : Yet another Multiplayer Mod


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It seems our original topic's corrupted (we can't post in there anymore), so here's a fresh topic with a short history of YaMM :)

- We started @ 4 may with a new mod, after i made a trainer for GTA3

- After 3 days, we had a working version with the last-car method

- We found out the last-car method was quite limited, so we started working on an actor-method

- The method with direct memory editing didn't let us alter the actor's direction, so we needed something else

And that's what we're working on right now.

We're using an entirely different method that let's us do litterally anything without having to find memory addresses. We're only using this method for things that can't be done with direct memory editing, because the memory editing method is a less cpu-intensive.

We're having a little difficulty with this method, but that should be solved within a week. Screens coming up shortly!

The reason for not releasing a bètaversion is actually that we didn't finish the first method before working on another. Not really smart, but because of that, the version with the newest method can be released earlier because we don't need to finish the older versions :wink:

We'll keep you informed with screens though =)

For now, all info & screens can be found at our site: www.gtamp.net

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great progress!

when do you ecspect the first realease or bétamovie (of multyplayin ofcourse :Pf?

First release will take some time as we yet have to implement cars, health & shooting. Shooting will be the biggest problem, as we already know how to do cars & health.

You will be able to ram cars of other players off the road (unlike MTA, saw that in the movie).

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when did 0.1 come out?

If you are referring to YaMM then... We decided to skip 0.1 because it used the previous car method (which wasn't suitable) so we started a newer version which supports a different way and decided to call it 0.2 :D

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