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Gotta agree on that one. IE is evil, just plain evil. :twisted:

Unless you love to get adds on your screen ever 3 seconds ofcourse. But thats just taste. :lol:

*cough* SP2 popup blocker *cough*

*cough* IE's HUGE security flaw( a.k.a "DSO Exploit" in spybot search and destroy) *cough*

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*cough* IE's HUGE security flaw( a.k.a "DSO Exploit" in spybot search and destroy) *cough*

Actually no... the flaw lies in Spybot S&D:

First, let’s be clear. The vulnerability in Internet Explorer has been corrected. If you’ve patched IE and are staying up to date with current patches from Microsoft, you’re safe, even if a DSO exploit is reported.

The confusion arises from a bug in Spybot Search and Destroy that continues to report the DSO Exploit problem, anyway. There are ways to force the report to go away, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

http://channels.lockergnome.com/windows ... f_it.phtml

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It is pretty obvious that IE is tied directly to the Windows core. A lot of Windows services depend on Explorer, so exploiting IE could easily compromise the entire system. Also, if you browse through the various bugtraqs out there, you will find that IE vulnerabilities are discovered every day. That said the immediate assumption is that because IE is widely used, it is prone to more exploits. Not true. IE is vulnerable regardless of its popularity, and thus it is not a safe browser.

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tot eh comment about "if your PC can handle XP" my old 200 mhz pentium 1 pc runs faster w/ XP than it did windows 95 98 and ME.

Also, firefox owns IE, only exception is memory usage... unnoticed in my comp :). Firefox is faster adn more convenient due to its capabilities.

you must have lots of ram then, because i used to work for my high schools "computer guy," and one of my jobs was to upgrade the schools hardware to XP, they had pentium 350mhz dells, and they could barely whithstand xp with 32mb of ram and 5 gig hds (not that the hd has much to do with it besides page file)

it has 96 megs.

althoughim thinking about puttin '95 back on it just so i can play EF2000 again.

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List of Firefox extensions

Google toolbar - check

Adblock - check (the option to block any element of any page)

Popup blocker - check

Super Bible Toolbar 0.5.1 - check :D:D

Seriously - this browser has everything! It's quick, you can skin and mod the crap out of it, you can intergrate it fully into your whole working environment, irc, winamp etc.

And to the person ragging on netscape whilst also promoting firefox - check where the code for FF came from. Thats right, those small shell exploits prior to 1.0PR were caused by the ooold code from netscape that makes up some of what FF is today

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