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  1. you must have lots of ram then, because i used to work for my high schools "computer guy," and one of my jobs was to upgrade the schools hardware to XP, they had pentium 350mhz dells, and they could barely whithstand xp with 32mb of ram and 5 gig hds (not that the hd has much to do with it besides page file) it has 96 megs. althoughim thinking about puttin '95 back on it just so i can play EF2000 again.
  2. plus GTa1 on PC had multiplayer, so dont even dare say they never thought of it. And yes it was DMA for the PC one.
  3. I'll let you know when i dont have to lead my targets 30+ feet.
  4. tot eh comment about "if your PC can handle XP" my old 200 mhz pentium 1 pc runs faster w/ XP than it did windows 95 98 and ME. Also, firefox owns IE, only exception is memory usage... unnoticed in my comp . Firefox is faster adn more convenient due to its capabilities.
  5. But you have to pay a subscription fee for internet access anyway. I agree with what Mad_Boy and Kent say, however good graphics can improve the immersivity of a game, and hence improve the gameplay further. Given a choice between one or the other, though, I'd go for gameplay. WRONG. With xbox you need top pay a fee for xbox lvie in ADDITION to teh broadband connection you pay for.. Pcs dont require a seperate service that must be purchased in order to play multiplayer games online.
  6. psymon stark

    What we do

    making everyhting server side would trash every cheat currently used in MTA... Not so hard(well an easy solution, but i dont know how easy to implement). After that the main worry would be aimtbots.
  7. just atke cs's amount of players servers and it will rape any other numbers besides maybe blizzard's and a pc wont feel better in a fighting game, and i also find it less comfortable in racing games, but i hate racing games anyway. FPS is a PC MUST unless of course goldeneye or PD
  8. he said synched, not bug free. and a game such as GTA would need to be synched to get the real gameplay. look at how the speed of GTA(oriignal) had to suffer for synchronized play. And tot ell the truth i enjoyed that one more because I at least knew what was happening and when.
  9. eh, more than three ways in CS, however Source took out quite a few. and btw, The Specialists owns AUT and just cause you suck at cs doesnt mean it requires no skill. but seriously, specialists rapes AUT. It's what makes AUT good, but taken to a whole new level. The gameplay is incredible.
  10. maybe a min number of flips and/or min height has to be aquired to start gaining cash for each trick.(specific would have certain things, like some height, flips, maybe even speed(which height might rely on, so might still be height anyway)
  11. as long as most things are server-side, should remove inf ammo and inf health cheaters.
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