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  1. well yesterday was the first day it snowed and 4 hours after it started we had 4 - 6 inches and on 1 back road 1 car in the middle of the lane no lights noboby inside little bit further down a truck in a ditch and maybe 100ft further a SUV flipped on the drivers side well thats fun glad i wasn't driving
  2. lol on fraps at lowest possible settings for video capute i get 2 FPS! YAY
  3. i used google and it only messed up once past tense havent learned admins you can lock this now
  4. i need a german translator cause i have a german project due tomorrow and my teacher will know if i used googe if you can help msn me [email protected]
  5. *cough* SP2 popup blocker *cough* *cough* IE's HUGE security flaw( a.k.a "DSO Exploit" in spybot search and destroy) *cough*
  6. steal a firetuck and start drifing down a hill try to fly a clipped wing plane
  7. A: No Q: should i go kick my neighbor off the internet so i can ply mta?
  8. A: sandcastle Q: what do u do to a sandcastle?
  9. Well for me i can't vote cause i'm 15 but my height migth trick them (6'7") if i could vote i'll go green party
  10. BTW My stepdad is comming home tonight and thinks i should get 1hr / wk and if i'm not online by 8:25 PM GST 5 mins before it starts...let there be a backup
  11. on top is where you choose to spawn so nobody can get to it
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