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i know your busy with the big picture, so the little things might be left out. So I'm asking will there be car horns? it sounds like a reletively easy thing to implement, but like i said, it's something that might be overlooked.

with car horns, you won't need to work on chat, just everyone learn morse code and we'll be fine.

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  • MTA Team

Here we go:

A .-

B -...

C -.-.

D -..

E .

F ..-.

G --.

H ....

I ..

J .---

K -.-

L .-..

M --

N -.

O ---

P .--.

Q --.-

R .-.

S ...

T -

U ..-

V ...-

W .--

X -..-

Y -.--

Z --..

0 -----

1 .----

2 ..---

3 ...--

4 ....-

5 .....

6 -....

7 --...

8 ---..

9 ----.

Fullstop .-.-.-

Comma --..--

Query ..--..

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LOL morse code, we would be sorted.... im having enough trouble trying to get the mod to work on my lan, is there anybody that can break it down better than the Read me as im a dumb

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maybe not morse code, but a code\signals could be used in plans indeed.. i definately want the horn.

examples of good use:

-> tell a team member, ill tail you.. when i honk three times, run ur ass away

-> tell some one: if a guy honks twice behind you, its me

-> tell your team: operation in go, wait on the honk

-> for identification: if i honk behind you, and you donot honk back, i will consider you an enemy

and there are many more.. it would be a good element of secret strategy

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true - a 100second honk is to tell you im friendly, did i mention the round only lasts 90 seconds? =)

Since allies cars should come up on map, and be the same colour as yours, that shouldnt be needed. But a go signal or something like that would work

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I think everyone knew he was kidding, but we were kidding that he was kidding but when he was seriouse, because we knew he was kidding, and he knew we knew that he was kidding. and that he knew that we knew that he knew what we knew, yeah.

and I beleave we asked for car horn a long time agoo in chan must of been forget but yewah thats cool good job :)

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