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The sickest stunt of 'm all!

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Okay so I was trying to make some explosion-stunts with a PCJ untill I somehow glitched onto the bike orsomething. :lol: I did use the explode-all-cars-code but that doesn't matter right now.

Just download and see for yourself. Believe me it is amazing. 8):D

Get it here ---------> Amazing

Somebody please put it on TGA orsomething, because I can't keep it on my own server, because of the bandwidth. :oops:

Hope you guys like it. :wink:

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Let me be the first to tell you:

Mmmmkay, wtf man? I've had that happen to me like 3 times over the last two months and I've been stunting much less than before. Even kept a rep of a cool stunt I did with a cheetah where this happens in the end. You seriously sayin you'd never seen this before?

Just try to bail from any vehicle about half a sec before it blows up and you should get it once or twice every 10 times.

Yet another parade I'm rainin' down on :P... Go me!

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