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Yo boss and Kung Lao :)

Lol make sure dont fall down or ull be trapped ( i forgot to say this:P)

Jump at stadium wont kill ya u can land it well :D

And now whatch this :)


Just stay at heli tail and make hunter (or another) go up.. also u can forwrd but >really< low :P

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Yo :D

This time Ransom, mr Deathb, SGB, me and other guyz had a party at "vaults" in bank.


U can walk over vault but not in :(..

To make this just get a bike, place it at the first portion of stairs in bank and also need some1 who jacks your bike.. then ull b on roof:D

Be care dont fall down walking over "walkable" area as when u re at bank as ussuall :)

**What a shit of crap english.. sry bout that :(

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I made this screen to explainit better :)

Just make this jump on red :P(Its some hard to get it.. so just be patient.. it works)

[image removed]

Have a nice trying :P

I did this and I end up on the ceiling of that room, but all that happens when I walk around is that I fall to the ground and I'm stuck inside a building.

Is there something else to do after jumping up?

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Well.. U got know these re not playable areas of game.. so if u´rent sure if u gona fall or not just shoot at ground :)

This is the way to get out of there :D

Just jump in to that point and ull be out :)


Something curious its when u get out of hotel.. ull notice there is no buildings or your textures re not loaded at all.. thats coz u "entered" in a loadable place..but u havent passed by the load point to get out:D

To load them just enter in hotel (and go out by the door:P )


Enjoy it!! :)

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mang, quit messin around with bugs and play the :o game

If u dont like this shit then what tf re u doing here??

I just find for curious thinks in game .. it dont hurtS no1

I am sick of negative ppl. This thread is one of the most intresting and fun to read threads in the forum. If you do not like this thread then don't post in here. Don't turn into the sess pool that so many other threads have turned into.

I have never had that big car thing happen to me but I have seen a screen of it. I intend to try the other ones Turbo has posted. So if you do not like this thread leave and stfu

this isn't directed at Turbob I am agreeing with him. (for the slow ppl)

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