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Lame Loosers

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Fisrt of all i would like to say i dont cheat i never have done and i never will do...

But first i was hosting my server an my m8 came in then a guy called MrL22 <<

Then i saw him at the airport and I started kickin his ass and another player (which was my m8 from college). Then the person turned round and started callin me a cheater.. Sayin he shot me with the mg60 or somin and threw 7 moltov cocktails at me. Which he did but all of his shot and cocktails missed then he started to call me lame and he had no space for me on his site (like i wanted to anyway :?: really i didnt). Then he quit so i'd though i'd clear it with you guys to tell ya the story b4 the mardass comes in here crying like a baby.... im sure u guys can understand why he thought i was cheating

Here is a post that covers likley wot happend

The 'Trick' To Actually Inflicting Damage??

^^ this is actually a useful topic which i think should be pinned up in the general forum so all these :newb: 's can read it and then maybe they will stop accusing people that dont cheat and start accusing people that do.

thx guys

and once again me and my clan are strictly against cheaters.. :bad-words:

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lol . this remminds me of a game i playid yesturday , i belive it was on the goons server .

I was running around this guy . i was using that diaz machine gun thing . then the guy stoped and started going in circles . so i stopped took out the machine gun and started to shoot at him . I used 2 FULL magazines on him . And when the shots hit him i saw the players boddy act like it has been shot (moves back a little) . So after 2 magazines . the guy lost 0 of health . So i sayid like , this guy cant be cheating cause he died a bunch of times . So i checked his ping nad it was around 700 . So i belive that was why i count kill him .

A note to all :n00b: :

Make sure the person you are calling a cheater has not died any time in the game , its not going over 900mph , and does not die when you shoot 2 magazines with a ping of 20 !

If any of these does not aply to the person . DO NOT call them a cheater.

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i wonder how many times i've been called a cheater, i used to know how many times ... but i lost count ... forgive me :roll:

you know, i actually hardly ever see a cheater. in 0.1 there were more cheaters than non-cheaters, 0.2 was muchies better and 0.3 is just built very good, hardly any cheaters :)

buuuut, mta is all very cheat protected and stuff, but still not noob/lamer protected, if THAT would be fixed too in the next version mta is truely holy :P

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