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    lol no I don't think my gf was playing mta, i wish FMJ ah yeah, i remember that name as well. I was also in VCES later I think, with Brophy and a bunch of other regulars back then.
  2. Rocket_Guns


    definitely! was that the team with MadMike, Duffbeer and Ryan? I was also in a bunch of other teams throughout the years but i forgot the names lol. they were also on CS:S back then. your name looks familiair
  3. Rocket_Guns


    Just wanted to say hi. I'm surprised that this account (Rocket_Guns) is still working, look: Joined:Tue Dec 30, 2003 12:51 pm Last visited:Sun Sep 17, 2006 8:26 am lol great work @ keeping the community alive. mta just popped up in my head after all these years wondering if it were still up and running.
  4. happy b-day brophy. *hugs*
  5. How do you see something you can't see? hehe, like this my friend: and woah, i should increase my resolution
  6. Hey, First of all, great job on the new client. It has some awesome options in it, and its still fun. However, there are also a few let-downs that may be considered to fix in a possible next release. I suppose the MTA team is open for suggestions on that part, just to make the mod the best there is. - i see invisible cars now and then - i crash about once in the hour, i never used to crash in 1.0 (I haven't tried the fix yet, I will later today) - i sometimes drive through ramps, cuz i simply dont see them on my screen, very odd - i sometimes don't have sfx sound, next round it appears to be working again - i think there is more lag, however, that could also be because of the server i was in being full - i see a lot of others have a client not respond problem...and they eventually crash - i think the respawn option isn't the best thing ever invented, however, it really pleased me that it could be turned off. the server i always play in put it on nearly all maps off. ^^ (respawning causes collisions with people spawning right in front of you, also causes people to drive even worse than they used to (as if thats even possible!), besides that people block roads of do kamikazi cuz they know they will respawn anyways. and last but NOT LEAST, the chat community thing is ruined, nobody chats with respawning option on) - i think the namelength space is too short, however I dont have problems with it, some others do... All in all I had less issues in 1.0, I don't know about the others but i'm sure this will all be solved in a next release. Maybe even use 1.0 as basis and just add the good things about 1.1... I hope these comments are useful to the mta team, keep up the good work! Rocket_Guns
  7. wow, nice. i think i might play mta again when this is going to be released. i'll keep an eye on mtavc.com.
  8. He must of tried very hard then. lol, that made me laugh
  9. they are @ FUNhouse...suprisingly enough. anyways. i love the nitro and stuff, and it hardly ever crashes, think i crashed once or twice in the whole evening. not that i crashed a lot with mta 0.4...also like 3 or 4 times in 2 hours or something, but this is just muchies better ^^ anyways, is it odd that i like gta III a hell lot of better than vice city? i especially like shoreside in gta III...why are there so few gta III servers and so many vice city servers? edit: forgot to mention that u've done a good job there mta-team thx
  10. well, its LIKE cheating. they cant help they have a slow computer...maybe they can, they could also just not play the game. but as you might know it is kind of frustrating to jump/run/shoot around someone like a mad man and all he does is stranding still and shooting around....and still you wont do him damage. its even more funny when you shoot one time...then give up, run away and 3 secs later he gets killed by your shot...
  11. dude, that is one stunning post you have a nice way of writing. if i didn't like the way you wrote i wouldn't have read it but it was kinda interesting to see what u had to say anyways. i get some of your points. i really hate cheaters. and laggers. and then i hate people with slow computers even more than people with high pings. dunno if you have experience with that but fighting someone with a slow computer is even more annoying. he can just stand still and shoot at me while not dieing at all. its basicly the same as cheating. to make a quick answer. cheating shouldnt be allowed. though i wouldnt mind if u used mods like cudda's world in a server where it IS allowed...who cares. you know, some people like (including me) to have different skins for cars. as long as the handling is still the same it would be OK to use in any server IF the game wasnt as buggy as it is. i mean, you can use different skins in lotsa games...but those aren't buggy and won't crash because of it so it is ok. mta will crash because of it, so its understandable nobody should mod their game. now of course u can say mta is a mod as well, but it sounds kind of logical that if everybody has the same mod (a clean mta) it'll crash less. so, if someone is cheating or modding or so of course he'll get kicked/banned. but when he/she is removing them i wouldn't mind giving them a second chance. and you shouldn't mind people like snip3D...maybe he really doesnt like you or maybe he is just dumb and didnt know the burrito has some good power. maybe you should just change ur name and play in peace in a clean game and keep ur mods for single player? i have 2 vice city's installed as well...1 for mta and one for single player where i got my lovely eleanor and some other car skins.
  12. hehehe, i have to agree a bit on you there. motnt sometimes has right about stuff though, sometimes he is mad about things and starts shouting around around and around...he shouldn't do that. mainly since it is not his server. there have been lotsa times when i was furious but since i know it ain't my server and when i start yelling i'll get banned or something anyways ill just shut it or start a descent discussion heh, it wasn't just his idea. i agreed on it too. since we done it several times before in matches (friendly now i remember) i forgot that we couldn't do this in this match so you were right about this. if it was a friendly match it would be possible, so never mind this /me turns red. how sweet is this thanks m8, love ya
  13. /me notices with great happiness that love is in the air and wonders if someone wants a cookie made by the great great "Bolletje" who we all love with all our heart as like the treehuggers love their lovely trees who provide us with love, energy and hope and lets not forget the green happy colours that make our environments to beautiful to live in and make us that happy that we might decide, under the green velvet trees, to love each other and share the uhm...peace. biertje?
  14. thats where we have a forum for how were ya exams?
  15. i dunno really about the rest of my team. but i'm sure some, including me, are not like some of you people...we are not like "WE OWNED YOU" by winning a match. besides, the second round was a very close call, and in the 1st round we got some kills as well. if you guys had killed all of us and all of you guys survived you could say you owned us. imo saying things like "we owned you" is childish behavior, and no, i'm not saying this cuz we lost it. i would never say it. i believe i never really said to someone or some clan that i OWNED him/her or them... and yes Rawk, too bad you weren't there.
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