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Just an idea, maybe a great one


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that would be cool. i gotta try to get .03 to work, but thinking about 4.0 it would be cool if it had some standardized mta-plug-in thingy where all known gta mods could be zipped, and change the extension to .mpi or something like that, then the mta client will unzip the mod and execute it during the same session. since zip files are relatively small, they can be sent to client that dont have them before the game, and the host can choose which plugin mods to play during the game.. i dunno thats my thot

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i gotta try to get .03 to work, but thinking about 4.0

Lol(No offence),you got 4 already? :P

This has been suggested,I think they're working in something similar to that suggestion for 0.4.

Btw,Real gta?

It requires good computers because of the increased polygon count,and along with mta it would have a dramatic effect on people who have slow computers,since mta already pumps the engine to the limits.

Besides,it has a bug(That suposedly only happens in 0.1 of the computers),where the game gets bloody slow when a certain car(It's random after installing,and stays with the car that was choosen until reinstalling)comes in the screen.

Still,it's a great mod,I love the cars=P

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