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New Ducati Dance movie !!!

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I think the same about the movie as DGtadude.

The music didn't fit in the movie (dont like this kind of music, srry).

The stunts were original (i like that!) :D , but not very impressive. The editing wasn't that great.

stunt 7.5/10

editing 6.5/10

Music 4.0/10

Overall score 6.5/10

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i thought it wuz ok, but it wus really missing sumthing. Nick, i know as a fact ur a kikass stunter, editer, and syncher, but unfortunately on this one you chose sum pretty shitty music. That's just a personal preference. Although, the synching wuz done well, the camera angles sumtimes hurt my eyes cuz they kept on zooming in and out of the bike. This can often be avoided by keeping ur mouse in motion (not too much motion).

but, lol, it wus pretty funny and oroiginal. i'll have it on my site soon

l8er - - - Andyroososoft

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yes the music, but don't you think that sometime it's good to see something different :wink:

sorry again for my bad english, but I am from Bulgaria and just start to learn this language :lol:

your english is fine, and if you have just started then your a good. quick. learner :)

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lol this was excellent!! the stunts were great and what moron said the music didnt fit to the stunts? cuz they DO!!

it was funny and cracked me up :lol::lol:

man u got balls for adding that music that makes it cool in my eyes

but i must say im neva gonna watch it again :o


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