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Now, theres been alot of speculation about this game being set in San Andreas, or that its called GTA4. R* have yet to think of a game title, only once they have set up a title will we be sure what to expect.

What I want in GTA -

Improved Graphics from GTA3 and VC (The Manhunt engine would do very nicley)

Emm... I can't explain this one but the fact that if 1 Idaho turns up, millions of em turn up! Make it stop!

When you drive on the wrong side of the road, other vehicles shift thier asses

Hostage situations like that of The Getaway, Real Crime, ect

Realistic car damage, not the sort that you can smash a car to bits, but the frame and chassis acctually crumple

Customisable vehicles at the Pay n' Spary (not likley to happen)

Commandeer a tram (Only if San Andreas, I dunno, sounds like a laugh)

Lazlow (hosts sum sort of Radio show. Sumthin like Chatterbox on GTA3, rather than playin music, coz he's crap on VRock)

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MY wishlist:

- I want to see everything when you picked up a hooker and not only a shaking car.

- Choose your color at Pay'n'spray

- A mobile rubberboat

- That you can swim!!!

- To choice your favorite gang to admire (like in gta2)

- Inbuild multiplayer (with MTA support =P)

- More clothes

- More weapons

- Much more cars

- Weed, Drugs and Cocaine blazin.gif

- Possible to wear sunglasses coolgleamA.gif

That's all :P

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I guess the ability to buy clothes etc, different shirts, pants etc etc, like in tony hawks/the sims online .. maybe some things would give you extra abilities/armour like in Virtua Fighter 4

2 player missions (split screen or otherwise) - so you could do a new storyline, or one involving the 2 people in tandem

More places for stunting (we find them all too quickly)

Better stunt recognition!!!! - we want the game to acknowledge our 270 grind to 360 off to 3 second stoppie =) or our 540 wallride 360 to grind

ability for second person in back to be in car and fire any (within reason) weapon (maybe while car stopped), so they can fire an ak in the back =)

hovercraft =), hovercraft tank =P

More planes

more later

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hmm - real car licences would be nice as well, but if people can steal a bmw, do a driveby, rob a bank and then torch the thing while flipped... BMW's security, safety, and image dont look that great =P

i mean in games with car licences, 99% of the time, the cars dont get damaged

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Yeah, they'll up date the engine so graphics are clearer. VC was released officialy in 2002, now, even the graphics on the PC version looked dated when it was released last year, although the graphics of GTA3 and VC look the same, iv'e compared them many times and it shows that R* did manage to tweek the engine a little and by adding more shine to cars, making the car explosions marginly better and adding to the whole fact you can now fly about the city made it certainly lenghtened its lifeline, we're all playing it still today (thats proberly coz these marvellous people of MTA did sumthin R* couldn't be bothered to do) although I still see it as GTA3 in a 80's Pastel shirt. I reckon R* might learn a thing or two from MTA, they've now seen how desperate the public is for an online GTA, the public have went ahead and made it them selves coz we're fed up of waiting for one. To be honest, I don't think R* have made any online multiplayers? Does Max Payne 2 have multipalyer?

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What about the Manhunt engine? The graphics (and graphical violence) are really, really atmospheric... brilliant notheless but atmospheric, do great for a GTA game. For those of you that haven't played it... emm... well, if you own a PS2, buy it... only if your the sort that laugh all the way through the Exorsist.

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I think he meant an official Online Multiplayer acctually made by R*. Split screen should really be left to consoles. Oh, yeah, and that PS2 official thing that was sed a few months back is a bunch of carp, a steaming pile of trout! The rumours that may possibly be true are:

It will be set in San Andreas

It will take place in San Francisco.

It will be set in modern day

All the obvious stuff, y'know

From when I hit the button, this many days till the 4th quarter of 2004, the GTA4/5/San Andreas/whatever release time:

267 days, 13 hours, 31 minutes, and 11 seconds left until The Start Of Q4 2004* (whey hey) :D

*(thanks to san-andreas.com)


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and roller skates

and a skateboard

and a build-in mapping system

and a buil-in modeling system

and a pogo the monkey mini-game! :P

and more boates + planes + heli's + bikes

and more cars

and not a build in multiplay (*wants mta :P)

and eh... well... more things will come :P

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and roller skates

and a skateboard

and a build-in mapping system

and a buil-in modeling system

and a pogo the monkey mini-game!

All these are really good ideas I reckon, but is it more Grand theft Skateboard than Grand theft Auto? What the hell does it matter, only them fricking critics say that. Yep, when you kill them annoying Gay skaters ya should be able to nick thier skates. Since its gonna be set in San Francisco, its a little... OK its a Big bit on the hilly side, I can just see people jumping out of the way of a madman or Roller skates speeding down Knob Hill trying to evade the law... then he hits a lamp post and is sent flying into a Chinese Takeaway, and replanishes his health by ordering a Duck Curry with Fried rice and Prawn Crackers.

The End

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Subs! A little too far dont ya think? Well, I guess, but only if they arm it with Nukes... and Cruise missiles. How about full length Ships? I acctually wouldn't mind Heavy Plant, you know, the Heavy diggers and the... actually, you get Heavy Plant in Manhunt. Apparently its only a tweaked version of the GTA engine... my dreams may be true... oooh yes!! :werecomingforyou:

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I thought I'd re-vitalise this topic:

What id like is that you can pull people out the car (like you can in the low sports cars) without getting in the car, and if you've got a cop unform on, you can arrest them. Then you bundle them into the cop car and take em back to the station. It could be a new part of the Vigilate Missions.

Also, id like it so you can press a button (say F8) and the bloke you play shouts random abuse at people... or mabey different buttons for different abuse, mabey press F5 for "Cop Abuse", F6 for "your Mommas so fat" abuse and so on, F8 can be harcore abuse, its just one long *********!!!

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