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horribly misplaced polys

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I can play for about 2 minutes, beuatifuly, but then walls, cielings, roofs, everything spill over the street, randomly to the point i have to use the map as navigation just to keep from hitting walls.

Currently i'm running

2.8ghz P4

geforce fx go w/64mb

768mb ram

perhaps i need to install the 1.1 patch, i dunno andy advice?

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Certain Pentium processors using certain cards have this problem and this is why they made the patch.

even the patch details (i believe) says it ISN'T to fix the problem where stuff appears slowly.. but rather something else

secondly, i believe someone said it was caused by the increased load on the mta.scm file.. because it's much bigger than main.scm (or something?) it requires more processing when you start the game, and that lags the graphics a bit..

supposedly one of the newer nvidia drivers was supposed to fix the slow apeparing bug. (I readit specifically somewhere)

but sadly, they do NOT fix it.

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  • MTA Team

The 1.1 patch has been made for that problem. This problem only occured on some hardware combinations together with a GeForce graphx card. Since Detonator driver version 45.23 i think the solution has also been integrated in the drivers. Therefore the 1.1 patch has become obsolete and we recommend not to use it since it is unsupported by Take2 itself.

For those who says the detonators do not help : read the fucking forums, press releases and the release notes of those detonator drivers. I did! If those drivers doesn't solve the problem it is highly unlikly the 1.1 patch will

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