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  1. Nah, the first post in this thread was me experimenting. But it turns out you need to find either a no-cd version of the EXE or an original copy of gta_sa.exe, and put it in the folder.
  2. Look at viewtopic.php?f=15&t=21052&p=267375&hilit=steam#p267330
  3. Alright, to clarify the exact procedure I used.. 1) Install GTA:SA from Steam. Make sure it's 100% downloaded 2) Move original / no-cd / whatever gta_sa.exe into your newly downloaded GTA:SA. Mine defaulted to 3) Install MTA. I used the default which is (I believe) 4) During the install, or maybe it's after, MTA asks you where San Andreas is installed. Point it to the same location as step #2. If it errors saying that it cannot find gta_sa.exe, then you either have the wrong location specified, or you messed up step #2. Finish up the install. You should be able to run MTA at this point, and it should play like it does normally. I would assume if you used your legit copy of San Andreas' .EXE, then you will need your CD-Rom in the drive to play. If you used a no-cd .EXE, then it should just work. If you don't mess with any of the other files in the GTA directory, you should still be able to load GTA normally through steam. Running MTA itself, should NOT cause steam to load, nor should you see any steam prompts or anything. If you do, something is wrong. [OPTIONAL] If you want to, you can remove the intro movies GTAtitles.mpg and logo.mpg. This was a common thing to do to the original game, it stops those videos from loading, allowing you to just click past them while loading the game. Saves some time. If the screen is blank while loading, just click once or twice and it'll continue. These are located here: You delete these videos, and create new files (File -> New -> Text document, or whatever it is listed as), rename them to GTAtitles.mpg and logo.mpg, and set them as READ-ONLY. If you play the game using steam, you might want to disable automatic updating for GTA:San Andreas under steam. Anyone still having problems?
  4. Discoveries! (for anyone who doesn't know about the STEAM version of GTA: http://steampowered.com/v/index.php?are ... 1395&cc=US ) Okay, downloaded San Andreas. Installed MTA. Told MTA my SA install is in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto san andreas Which it is. MTA says cannot find gta_sa.exe. The steam version is gta-sa.exe, not gta_sa.exe. Notice the - instead of the _ No problem, rename the exe, MTA is fine. When loading MTA, it loads the EXE, however steam takes over and launches, then launches regular GTA, without MTA integrated. So it won't work. HOWEVER. If you take the EXE from your regular game install, and put it in the steam folder as gta_sa.exe (not messing with gta-sa.exe, or any other files in the directory), everything works flawlessly, like it should, and Steam doesn't "take over" anything. Kinda stupid if you own the original game, since you don't need steam, and those with steam w/o the original game can't play MTA, unless they find an EXE somewhere, but that's obviously a no-no. Also, I imagine if you wanted to delete your intro movies, you could do that, and set steam to "Do not automatically update this game", and that'll stop those files from downloading.
  5. Downloading it now, I guess I shall be the piggy. Going out to eat while it d/ls.
  6. In theory there should be no problem, in my mind, but just to make sure. Will MTA work with the steam version of GTA:SA? I know MTA installs separately, however will the different EXE cause MTA to crash, or any of that? Given that I'm sure the Steam version has a no-cd patch embeded in it already. Anyone have any success?
  7. or you could like, give the shotty to CRUSADERS, or some other race that spawns "randomly" around the map... just a suggestion. meh
  8. Which is why you'd have an option to disable them.
  9. Playing on (PARTYSERVER Vice city) earlier today.. my friend's client crashed, and it disconnected him from MTA. When he attempted to reconnect, the server accused him of having an MTA Chat bot or something, and banned him from the server. This is a false positive. I am 100% certain he has no such thing. I'm wondering if an admin at this server can unban him. His name is "Chems", I can get his IP if needed, I guess. thanks.
  10. How about a Blitz mode or something in MTA? Where vehicles are a lot faster, and such.. it does it boring with slow cars, after awhile.. with fast cars there's more excitement due to the insanely large jumps you can pull off.. crashing cars and going out of control at HIGH speeds is a lot more fun then bumping into each other at low speeds Faster vehicles, but, the legal way.. MTA could come with a special blitz_handling.cfg that is used when a server has BLITZ mode turned on... Can be used with DM or STUNT.
  11. OH.. that makes SENSE... it this a problem with 1.1, or MTA and 1.1? (MTA not using the right memory values or something, for 1.1)
  12. yeah, a few (if not all) pay n sprays can be gotten into
  13. Is it possible to make people invincible XX seconds after spawning? to give people time to get out of the spawn.. people who spawn camp can be killed by those who spawn.. those who spawn, can't be spawn camped thus -> makes people get the HELL out of the spawn
  14. MasterEvilAce


    wtf???? omg.. Either this is the NEW core, or you guys got access to Vice City's source code or something, lol
  15. That's your opinion, it's not like each patch is going to be 10megabytes each.. and released hours after each other... the way things are going, it looks like the bandwith patch will take another week or so.. there doesn't seem to be ANY motivation for the MTA team to get it out
  16. Please MTA team, can we get the patch? i doubt anybody, even the 56k'ers will hate having to download one patch, then possibly another patch later on, to fix other problems... This bandwith problem affects a lot of people, and we really need to get it fixed, ASAP.
  17. I believe you have to remove the # infront of AdminPassword "aaa" and it should work
  18. You should have worded your topic better.. What you're asking is somebody standing STILL shooting *AT* a car, and the driver of the car takes damage as much sense as that makes, it would be stupid for gameplay. A mexican shoots his M60 at your car.. the car catches fire, and you take damage as well.. do you REALLY need to be any weaker? it's hard enough fighting / running away from a properly trained mexican
  19. This is seriously bullshit.. If anyone is watching this, don't give every person in your clan admin, or even half of them... god there are enough asshole admins out there that will not hesitate to abuse their powers such bullshit
  20. Well what version do you have now? I know for a fact 1.45.7 didn't have that problem, I used it for a year with no problems.. 1.45.11 was terribly BUGGED, and had a problem sustaining a connection 1.46 is out, and supposedly fixed the bug.. but I don't know if it works
  21. if you upgraded your router firmware, that's the problem... version 1.45.11 ( i think( introduced a bad bug... Down grade to 1.45.7
  22. Yeah, they're delaying the patch to add more to the patch I just hope it doesn't take more than a week
  23. yeah, the MTA team really doesn't know just how much delaying this patch will affect people.. people with Bandwith limits... not good
  24. I've noticed on the player select screen, if you hit F a few times, before the player select screen goes away, it'll lock up the game maybe there can be some sort of safe guard where you can only hit F/Enter on the character select screen once every 10 seconds or something
  25. also, I noticed something.. the more people on the server, the more crashes.. Does the MTA team have an idea on what causes the main crash? As far as I can tell, maybe the server is getting overloaded and is mismanaging packets at some point, because so many users are playing? or the connection gets overwhelmed and packets are dropped, causing weird things to happen.. Maybe the server is sending data for one thing to happen, but that conflicts with data that was already sent not sure.. I just know with 20 players or more, crashes happen a lot more.. and with under 10 players, i've never really experienced a crash is it a data /sync thing, or is there a certain sequence of events that players do unknowingly, that crashes the exe? (and having more players, raises the chances of someone triggering these events) or does nobody know?
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