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True is Jason Mews?

I didn't know we had someone famous in here, wow. Hey man I loved you in Jay and Silent Bob strikes back, and Clerks. Good luck with your addiction you are in our prayers.


AHA, nice. Actually, when I am not so exhausted I do kinda look like the person in that picture... ;)

You look like shit... no you look like whatever shit detoriates into! :P

You didn't need to tell me. This is known fact.

say it with me man, SUNLIGHT! :)

SUNGLIGHT! :) ...now, what is it?

True is the biggest Vice City fan ever. Look over his right shoulder at the Tommy Vercetti shirt hanging in the back.

Never get any sleep.

AHAH! I'll take a picture of it ASAP! Forgot my camera at work... :P (I take it with me everywhere, but lately I have been forgetting it places)

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