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GTA VC some kind of bots

Guest Deonis

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I know it is hard to do it but if it possible to create some bots in mta ? or some cars and other people(like in single player) ? it would be more interesting to play. 10x. :D

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maby not , if you have an fast server to 'calculate' the bots movement and so , and make th number of bots adjustable , it doesnt have to be laggy. I hope bots stand up from their long sleep and take over MTA!!! lol.
so just because you own a 'xeon' server dont mean everyone else does :P
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a xeon server is a very fast server :) some come as fast as 4ghz and 20gigs ram with over a terra in hd space. well anyways its not about the pc that causes lagg its the connection peds dont work over internet use up to much bandwidth and no a cable/dsl connection would not be able to handle it but its possible over lan

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But todays processors only go till 3.5 GhZ and I dont think that much RAM is posible simply because no motherboard has that much slots for memory. And then again , the Internet speed is an problem , T3 still isnt as fast as LAN , but maby such an XEON computer could handle just 1 bot???

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here ya go take a look at this one

Home > Products > Rackmount Servers > Intel > SM-2272

SM-2272A $2273

2U Dual Xeon Server

Up to Two 3.06GHz Xeon


8 H/S ATA Hard Drives / CD

2 x 64bit PCI-X Expansion Slots

ohh and yeah a t3 would work just fine BUT most of us only have broadband so having bots running around would be hell :P

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