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  1. Voice chat on a GTA game would NOT be something I would suggest. As you know, most of the people playing the game are loud, rowdy, obcene, etc. Now, I'm not bashing anyone, its just you wouldn't be able to think or anything. If you want to voice chat, just run a teamspeak server. It does run very slimly, I was able to use it while playing a PS2 game even, and not lose connection.
  2. Try using this site: http://www.mtaservers.com/index.php?q=list Don't completely trust the online users on the list. Click on the server IP to see the real users online.
  3. Yeah, that's happened to me too. I think its because someone timed out in the car, or something. It really sucks when it's the only vehicle around.
  4. CPU: Pentium 4 2.20GHz RAM: 768MB VIDEO CARD: ATI All-In-Wonder VE (Radeon 7500) CONNECTION SPEED: 1.2Mbit..but it's been going at 150kbps.. ISP: Zoomtown/Fuse/Cincinnati Bell http://www.zoomtown.com ROUTER yes Router D-Link DI-604 FIREWALL yes Firewall type: Kerio Personal Firewall Operating system: Windows XP Home SP1 Other internet applications running: AIM, Avant browser Do you have both gta3 and vice city? not at this time GTAVC version: 1.1 GTA3 version: N/A Are you running admin no are you running admin+ no Are you running mtama connected to admin no are you running mtama connected to admin+ no
  5. I'm sorry everyone the broadcast has been canceled and will be rescheduled for tomorrow. Please check on ocgnradio.tk tomorrow for our new time.
  6. Yeah..well I hope as many people as I can find will tune in. We want this to be really big. Our server can support a lot of people, its hosted on a 1st class Windows 2000 machine. The limit is 100 people
  7. Ohh..we need listeners. This is our first official broadcast. I'm sorry for my spamming, but how else do you suggest I gather listeners? PMing them? AIMing them? Thats worse lol..
  8. I run a radio station for OCGN.com (Online Console Gaming Network) and we have software rigged up to have talk shows over the internet. Tonight at 10PM EST is our first official broadcast, and we hope anyone who likes games will tune in tonight. Please visit http://www.ocgnradio.tk for more information and a link to listen (Yes, you can listen from your media player but it is explained simple on that site.) The topic is displayed on the schedule page.
  9. Ah! Thats good to know! Thats two goodies at once!
  10. Looks just plain cool! But I thought you guys were focusing on GTA3:MTA?
  11. I usually have around 80 for a ping..maybe it was just the connection..im not sure I'll see what happens in the future
  12. Well, I've been having this problem lately in MTA in which not all of my chat messeges get through..as in they don't send and don't show up in the chat window. About 55% of my messages do not get through. Here's my system specs: WinXP Home ATI All-In-Wonder VE (Radeon 7500) (primary) & Intel integrated graphics (secondary) 768MB RAM Windowblinds.. Recent changes to my system include the dual-monitor set-up as well as the ATI card. It works well, and plays VC on the primary display. Any suggestions?
  13. 1: No, this would be incredibly laggy and there aren't enough cars allowed in a game at a time. 2: 4 is enough 3: Different power weapons, sure 4: I agree..actually an ASE search function built into the client along with that would work nicely. 5: Random powerfulness..like in MTA:VC 0.3 6: Server-side CRC check 7: No..thats discrimination against speed type..and seriously how many people play MTA with a T1? 8: say what? 9: GTA3 Doesn't have boats..
  14. Good lord... Its called MTA 0.4 because when the MTA project first began, GTA:VC wasn't out for PC yet..so it was GTA3..and the previous GTA3:MTA version was ~0.3 so that is why it is 0.4.. The versions won't be combined until "Core 0.4" In which case both versions of MTA will be at 0.4..
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