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stupid file thingie


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ok i know im the only person with this prob.k there is this file that should be in my gta vc directatory but it isnt the file name is gta-vc.exe. what is in that file that is so important :?:the only thing i can think of is when in the middle of installatoin of gta vc it says put inthe other disk. and has like this file name thingie its starts with a :C or : D i cant renember which and i just left it blank should i have put gta_vc.exe in that blank :?:

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Uh huh... I see... what error does MTA come up with when you try to launch into a game?

Or doesn't it let you try, because you can't locate the exe?

Keep in mind that MTA doesn't work on some foriegn versions (such as Aussie), so if it says "Failure detecting version of Vice City" or something similar, that could very well be the problem.

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i go to the mta client clik conect once its done i click start game and this thing that looks like my computer at the top it says run at the bottom it says file name:gta-vcand under that it says file type:gta-vc.exe.i clik ok and it says gta-vc.exe file not foud plz verify the right file name that was given

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then once i x out the run game thingie just file thingi not the mta client it says u have not specified the correct path to the correct exutable(gta-vc.exe)

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Uh... okay, here it goes.

Its looking for the executable, evidently.

Browse to where your game is installed (Probably somewhere in Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA:VC or something, I really dont know, I often do not install to default paths), and you will find this file.

Double-click on that file, and the game will launch.


Get it now?

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i think he is trying to joke us here... How can someone, after posting over 300 posts not know what gta-vc.exe is and does! And now he says he deleted it... lol

Good job in making us believe you lol

Mmmm, that did seem a bit suspicious to me, but I'm such a nice [gullible] guy, I decided to help out anyway.

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ok first when i had about 237 posts i got vice city for pc im not very good with installing crap so i guess ill ask my dad

lol dude, just trust us, U NEED MTA-VC.EXE TO RUN THE GAME there problem solved :wink:

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