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Tags ??

Can somebody plz explain...


Well, in Half-Life, you can hit the T key and it'll put a little picture (of your choosing) on the wall/floor/ceiling that you're facing. It was originally supposed to be used as a cool little feature (put your name on the ground when you kill someone, etc...), but just led to porn being placed all over the map.

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but just led to porn being placed all over the map.

Dude, porn sprays got pretty old, pretty fast, and on the servers I've been using for the last three years I've only seen clever logos and player names.

I mean, c'mon... It's wicked fun to mark a corpse with your personal signature, or declare an area 'Your Turf' with a well-placed piece of graffiti. And I imagine all the photoshop junkies in the GTA community would love the opportunity to put together a few tags. Is it actually possible to achieve this in MTA? It would rule.

w w w . p i g f u c k e r . t k


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