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MTA:VC 0.3 Wish list


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If MTA put on boats and the sparrow etc, do you know how laggy it will be? with all that so many people will start playing MTA and all servers will be packed and lgaaing like hell. Just now without the boats it still lags!

Be thankful for wat we have!

get a better system. i can run the game on a lowend system and not get any lagg maybe when loading the game thats about it. if theres still space for it i think they should add it. i choose

More gamemodes (such as 'king of the hill', 'CtF', 'VIP', 'DM VIP' and 'racing')

getting sick of just dm cause no one realy pays attention to what team their on. see a cop more than likely he will blow your brains out on sight

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color coded name tags, it done seem like it would help, but when u are charging at someone, and there name is realy small, its hard to tell who to run over. a game mode, that records points, for team. get that out quick. please, and fix the jerky movement shit. errm thats about.. it. oh and capture the flag. and the crashes. more places to grab cars, health, back alleys, wayy back alleys. some more stuff around the begginning base. thats all.

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Anyone hear of a complaint "ther's not enough seats in this car for all of us" How about adding the big bus... i don't know how many people it can carry, or how much lag it would create but i think it would be great!!!

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Better looking skins, really. Im embarrassed to play for example with the racer guy, because he looks so damn stupid.
i dont think they would do that even tho its possible would be to much. i think they want to keep all the models/skins/files to original as possible
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Come on guys, I think they should concentrate first at adding the traffic and pedestrians,and lag reduction.

I think its damn boring with no life on the street..how fun is it a game with about 6 players and nothing on the street?

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At first I think there should be a possibility of changing the game type when creating a game. The skin selection shouldn`t be synchronized with weapon choice - the weapons should be chosen just like in the mod called "Firearms" for Half-Life (http://www.firearmsmod.com). For example U get 30 credits to choose your equipment (For example the .45 would cost 3 credits, the Magnum 5, the M4 - 20). I know it`s hard to make but I think it would be a good idea.

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