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  1. i think its because you are using win98
  2. it would be good, if you kill someone of your team, you will then get one point less(that will need the right skins,too)
  3. Or give the police money fo not catching you"
  4. I#ve got an mod-idea: An new car which is controlled by the driver, but when the second player in the car press his keys he is the controller, unless he stops pressing his keys!(so both players have control! Or so, that the first player have control of 25% an the second 50!)
  5. I like this suggestions, they might sounds crazy, but realy cool! Like that:
  6. yup. it happend to me in 0.1 too. u dont need to reboot though. I've this problem sometimes in mta 0.2: One time i was not the driver and it crashed! i`ve heard a dong! So when i press space now the game shuts down and i can restart it! Postet before?!: (When someone choose one of the start six persons, ingame i can't see him as this! He has got an totally other skin!(SOmetimes cops are robers) Also i see only yellow points at persons and grey(something like that ) as a robber!) I hope enemys will have arrows over theyr head in further releases!
  7. this is now in version 0.2 or? now i can read it too, because i had to duplicate the american.gxt and rename it to german.gxt! it's now english, but it does work! Otherwise I' could not use mta 0.2!
  8. Yeah it works! But please MTA-Team can you make an german.gxt for mta which will work? That will be helpfull! A1:Copy the american.gxt to german.gxt! (If you are using the german game!)
  9. Have you copyed all Files of the Text-Folder to the MTA-Folder?(All but american.gxt)
  10. Q1:I'm connected to a server, but when i start a game, I only see the first person to choose, an a text message(Message of the day) in front of it! In the Top-Left, there is the chat window! After a few seconds there is nothing moving and I can hear an engine!
  11. I've got the german version, so i put the german.gxt in the mta-folder, otherwise it doesnt run! And i've got this error too! When i come near this area(in the pizza place) the game is freezing!
  12. Or just copy the Adress an paste it in the Adress-field! Then it should work!
  13. http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/grand_theft_auto_3_dodo.txt Click Search, Type Grand Theft Auto, Click Search GameFAQs, Click FAQs at the high of GTA3! Then under In-Depth FAQs Dodo Flying FAQ (PS2) and there it is! The same adress but it does work!
  14. I can't realy fly the dodo! I've read this treat, but I don't understand all, so I don't know how to do that actually! In Vice City I can fly the plane( named Dildo???), it is realy easy! When I will fly an helicopter I've some problems, because I can't fly higher , so I can't fly a looping! There is one helicopter which you can handle very good! The MAVERICK of an News-station or something like that!
  15. Or can you make a function in the next version to use an save game with 100% at all computers? So the server can make it off/on?
  16. and you will need 2 mouses! I have only two with ps/2 and so i can't use bot with my mainboard! But the hardware-Intensive-problem: You don't need to have an very powerfull-pc, in singleplayer you can use 1024x768x16 and max detail on a computer with GeForce 2 GTS Pro and Amd Athlon 1,33!
  17. I think it's good, but I think it is not makeable! But I don't know if its makeable! Maybe it is, or it is verry hard to do!
  18. Will that be possible in a far away realease? Like V0.5 or V0.75??
  19. I think, it should be possible for all to load their games (mostly different) For that I have some ideas to make it possible. I hope they are not very hard to program: 1. Both Islands are enabled! But if one Player, who has in his game only the first one, enters the other Island he will be followed by the police with 6 stars! 2.The Sunshine autohouse is there with all 4 Bonus-Cars! If you have in your game only played 2 Cars of them, you can't enter the other ones, they are closed for you! For others Maybe all cars are open or all closed! 3.Garages are there with all cars! Only one person can open any, the others can't enter it, they must wait untill the person in the garage leaves it!( They see the garage closed!) But you can't hide you in the garage all time! After 15 secconds the person in it will lose his energy slowly, so that after 60 seconds he will be dead! This is only one suggestion for an gamemode, but for me it sounds well! I Hope it will be in one of the next Releases!
  20. Bluejanis


    it is not needed!!! You can use teamspeak2! Ts2 is a voicechat-program which many people know and have and use!
  21. i think, there must be only one programmer/coder who cxan make an Bot! For other games there are Bots, which are maked by someone like that!
  22. But it sounds realy realy good! But for this there should be Bots availabile!!! Otherwise if you are a cop there are too less people to kill!!!
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