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  1. No cheats or modifications, only a bug. I think it's from the first day MTA 0.2 was released.
  2. Sailor, because of the regenerating health.
  3. Move your mouse when viewing a replay
  4. No, it doesn't suck. I have a 17" monitor and a resolution of 1024x768. And some people have lower than that. It is just damn awful to read a screenshot thread where people with a 21" monitor and a big resolution have posted a dozen _huge_ pictures and many people myself included have to vertically scroll the browser window to see the whole thing.
  5. Is this just me, or do the cars really explode faster? The car sets on fire - I try to get out as fast as I can - the car explodes and I die.
  6. There was some cool stuff, like the big spin from the Moist Palm sign, and a few wallrides. But most of the video was just plain jumps, which most of players can pull off by just going onto a bump or something. The video was very good quality, even with three minutes in only 15 megs. O_o
  7. Better looking skins, really. Im embarrassed to play for example with the racer guy, because he looks so damn stupid.
  8. Use VirtualDub for DivX packing: http://www.virtualdub.org/
  9. I've blown up peoples's vehicles with the hunter... O_o
  10. Wyo

    GROW UP!

    What I've seen, people even ask like "does anyone need a lift".
  11. This is a view: http://mbnet.fi/wyo/mta/4.jpg
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