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me 2.please mta team dont make it so we cant use no cdcracks in later versions i cant stand having to take out a cd i previously used then having to put it in the case then get my vice city play cd and put it in and then finally i can play.No cd cracks are a i can't remember what u call it but i know there oh ya now i know convenient.hehehehe :lol:

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I don't get it I just want to play on my own server but its not working something to do crc?

Oh yeah I use no cd patch as its the only way to play on LAN and I can't afford two games as this isn’t really meant for multi, is there a way around this please?

I don't think cheating is right in multiplayer but surely you could allow us the option to have any setup (by that i mainly mean mods) we wish on our own pc's and have it so it works like most fps games where its server side setup that dictates what’s allowed etc.

I think this is a great mod, truly an amazing thing you guys have pulled off but I just wish I could play the way I like on my own setup.


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Lol @ people complainin' that no-cd cracks wont work

Jeezus people, cant ya read, a no-cd crack is a modified GTA version, and thats why they dont work in the latest MTA, though I wonder if throwing in some dummy data into the exe to make it the correct filesize of the original exe to bypass the CRC would work, probably not. :P

Anyway, at least I'm able to play it by myself and online though, just no more LAN for me I guess. :P

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