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  1. Truespin

    Snow mods

    Thanks. Is there a how-to readme somewhere for that? I cant imagine how that works. Plays the music in every map then....?
  2. Truespin

    Snow mods

    Do I have to put the music inside a map or gamemode, or is this a part of the server?
  3. Yes, that means that MTA does NOT release the cache correctly.... But if this appears just every 3 hours, I dont see the problem to restart the client to play another 3 hours.
  4. Mh, it would be better if I could delete just those cheater-times. For example at one race there are some people with good 3.58 and close to that. I don´t want to delete them and their good times. I would love to delete just those 12 seconds any guy has made.....impossible 12 seconds for sure. Even if you fly as fast as you can. How the hell do they do something like that? edit with a better question: WHY do they do that?
  5. Start admin worked well. But I still would like to know how to delete impossible record times...
  6. Oki, I will try "start admin" then later on. THX. Can anyone tell me how to edit the race-records times? There are some records for 5 minute-maps with less then 20 seconds. I want to delete those cheater-times...
  7. I have a similar Problem. I can log in normally, do anything like changemode or map, but pressing "p" does not open any admin panel. If I copy this account.xml to my local computer and log in there with exactly the same account, I do have this admin panel. How can I fix that? It would be more important to get that work on my root, because every five minutes there comes at least one cheater I would love to kick, but I cant.....isnt there any console-command to kick those players?
  8. Okay, done. He can connect now, but he only gots a black screen and timed out after some seconds. Does he needs to forward those ports too?
  9. I had the full ressources installed. The was coming from any map file...or maybe cause there were to much in. I deleted everrything and reinstalled MTA and now it workes. But the problem with my mate still exists. I totally disabled my firewall, but he is always getting that timed out error. And in my router settings port-forwarding ist off, what means every port is open. Or is that wrong? The editor-config was of course edited to two players.
  10. Hello. I tried to use the map editor in 1.0 for the first time. I was connected but confused because I could not click at any icon..... ...after a while I had a look in the console which was saying "failed to load ressource mapeditor". So how can I fix that? Another question. When I am in the editor, how can my mate connect to that server via internet? Thank you
  11. aaaah, changemap was the command. many, many thanks. btw it would be nice if there would came any text-file with the MTA installer. it should include the basics commands for client and server. just my opinion.... less experienced users would have it easier then. it is hard to find those tutorials in the forums, especially if english is not you native language.
  12. Okay, many thanks for the converter link. But I meant to change the map loggend in as an admin. I dont wanted to vote.
  13. Hi everybody. Sorry if there is any thread yet, but I coud not find anything. So my question is how I can put my old race-maps into the 1.0 version of the server? Where, and in what fileform I have to do this? And how do I change a map? I tried for example /map wuizimu in racemode, but I did not worked. What is wrong with this command? Wasn´t it that command? Greetz
  14. There are new tracks online, and they are going better and better....like MTA does. Click Hi-Preview to listen to a song. Comments are welcome. http://www.myownmusic.de/artistpage_inf ... t_id=97021
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