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  1. `ya i have the same prob it happens to me all the time i just press alt tab to talk and it changes back to ok sometimes so then i can chat ingame again but its realy anoying ah well thats a great moment to just shut up
  2. whaha that movie owns lol i love the moment when you see him jumping from behind lol nice music
  3. i love ase i use it for all my games so lol mta has to keep ase!
  4. its not that hard i got something that sometimes my pcj can't get the front wheel higher in the air so when i speed up it doesn't hit the ground with his back thingy lol so i don't fall and lol ya prolly don't get any of this crap cause LOL
  5. LOL i didn't even saw the bike @ first i thought it was so funny because the dude was scratching his nuts
  6. http://jaguarphil.topcities.com/mtascreen-8008.jpg http://jaguarphil.topcities.com/mtascreen-8024.jpg http://jaguarphil.topcities.com/mtascreen-8015.jpg http://jaguarphil.topcities.com/mtascreen-8031.jpg just copy and paste then they work now you own me 1
  7. dude thats just easy try to make a wheely without cheating (without holding the wheelie key on your backwheel) gj Gamefreek
  8. hehe i love driving drunk makes driving allot harder
  9. ya i only have it when i try to get out a driving car as passenger
  10. wel you may not cheat but you can cheat its a lill bug orsomething well anyway nice score
  11. lol that looks lol whaha poor girl bad cop
  12. you can't just open and save a movie file in windows movie maker you first gotta put it in the timeline then you can save it compressed
  13. its a bug i was playing with my mate 2 days ago (i was lagging verry much) i was sure i hit him cause i saw blood on the ground and stuff but he told me i didn't hit him 1 time
  14. yep i never crash when i'm playing only when i die and select a char for the seccond time i mostly crash
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