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[REL] House System (SQL)

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UPDATE 1.1.0:

-Owners data is now based on user's account names, not on their nicknames. All previously created houses are NOT compatible with this version anymore. I warned you!

-Removed smooth gui fading in/out.

-Fixed bug when you type 't' or 'y' and chatbox and input appears then.

-Fixed bug when you got killed and gui stays opened forever.

-Fixed bug when sometimes player gets frozen forever.

-Fixed bug with permissions.

-Tweak cicles optimizations and reduced code size.

WARNING: All previously created houses ARE NOT COMPATIBLE now with this resource version anymore. You have to re-create them again, or change their 'owner' data to ' ' (empty string) manually with SQLite Browser (if they don't have the owner yet) since this version uses account names for checking house owner. You probably will also have to change owner data to account name of the actual owner for those houses, that have been already bought by someone.

For those who expiriencing that bug with invisible interior: I dont know actually, what causes that, but after some time I was testing script, some interiors were missing objects inside them (couches, chairs, TVs etc.). May be this is an MTA bug or something, I dont know, if someone who expirienced that bug anywhere - leave the feedback.

I don't have the ability to test this script with more than 300+ houses so I can't say anything about it's stability after adding so many houses.

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Came back to this and figured it out. I wrote a note in the resource and the youtube because this bit is confusing:

STAFF EDIT: Note that the /sint interior numbers used are NOT the interiors to set the house to in the panel. Open admin panel like shown in the video, click yourself in the players list, and look for the interior ID.
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Jacob I know that it was a long time ago, but I never had time to pay attention to this :)

And its never late to give efforts to things that I like , but this is just me :P

Only admins can create houses? Hm but that can be easly change, to use for a profession/job of a rpg .

Like I said really nice job ;)

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