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  1. I also started on a Sims Project but i'll think i wait for your one instead I really hope you good luck! http://www.mtasims.wordpress.com (my project, its kinda based on Sims 1 GUI but ye) I would maybe like to help anyways with something if that's possible!
  2. villr

    Calculating time

    What i meant with my post was, im going to have an thing in Area51 that will say when you enter, it was 5hours since you last visited here, or, it was 1 day and 5 hours since you last visited here. The time will be calculated from a data that has been saved as example 2013 06 14 22 10 but im not sure how i should calculate this, i only know how to calculate the days and total hours
  3. villr

    Calculating time

    That was just some test code... But what i want is to calculate how many days and hours it has passed since the player last entered. But i have no idea about how i'll should calculate it.
  4. The thing that im trying to do and what im gonna have it to is like this, it will be a bot that says like, it was 1day and 3 hours since you last visited here. or it was 5 hours since you last visited here I have some code i tested but i wasent even sure what i was doing but here it is.. TD2 = tonumber(20130615) OD2 = tonumber(20130610) hDays = (TD2-OD2) totH = hDays*24 curH = totH/h outputChatBox(hDays.." days, "..curH.." hours "..(totH).." total hours") Anyone know how to do it?
  5. villr

    Key pressed

    Thank you so mutch
  6. villr

    Key pressed

    Is there anyone that knows if there is an exisiting event for like onKeyPressed? I want to make like in singleplayer, when you types in cheats, like example: hesoyam Had been the easiest way.. because there is only bindkey and you can only bind one key..
  7. STOLEN! https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=7109 https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=7106 DONE
  8. villr

    DX resoulution

    EDIT: Solved! I managed to figure out myself how to fix it by your code. Thanks ! Had to remove my own function, but your code still saves alot of time.
  9. villr

    DX resoulution

    What? I dont understand you.
  10. villr

    DX resoulution

    Oh sorry, i see i typed wrong to u... The code i made is taking that resoulution(1360x768) and then calculates new res based on the players res.
  11. villr

    DX resoulution

    That wont be right, because that wont fit my resoulution, the numbers of dividing is the numbers of my resulution. But that dont work either, the problem is that it does the calculationg over and over again, try the code yourself and you will see what i mean, if you add debug you will see that the third argument will dissapear
  12. villr

    DX resoulution

    Yes but i have that, i see now that i just forgot to copy that to here. local sW, sH = guiGetScreenSize() function fixSimsDXRes(r1,r2,r3,r4) return sW*(r1/1360), sH*(r2/768), sW*(r3/1360), sH*(r4/768) end
  13. villr

    DX resoulution

    Hi there! I have a problem with my dx thing i made for resoulutions, i made it so it should be easier so dont have to count the math self on every dx element because the thing im making now is around 100 dx element, this is the code: function fixSimsDXRes(r1,r2,r3,r4) return sW*(r1/1360), sH*(r2/768), sW*(r3/1360), sH*(r4/768) end dxDrawRectangle(fixSimsDXRes(94, 677, 135, 28), tocolor(3, 20, 112, 255), true) dxDrawRectangle(fixSimsDXRes(0, 612, 94, 129), tocolor(3, 20, 112, 255), true) dxDrawRectangle(fixSimsDXRes(94, 612, 136, 29), tocolor(3, 20, 112, 255), true) The problem is, i dont know how to make it stop fixing the resoulution all time, because it goes on and the positions get wrong. How can i fix this??
  14. villr

    Plane wings

    Thanks alot man!! That was just what i was searching for !!! Thanks!
  15. villr

    Plane wings

    Is there anyone that knows if you can check how the wings on a aircraft is? Like checking if they are on fire or what state they are in or just something about them..? Already searched the wiki some but yeah, if someone have a tip or smth write here.
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