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[REL] House System (SQL)

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I got "[2010-08-04 16:40:18] WARNING: house_system\core\core_server.lua:24: Bad argument @ 'setElementData'"

Und when i buy a Hous and enter an Key i cant buy it :(

Where did the Script save the Houses ??

I cant find an MySQL database :S

I found the Query but where i cant enter the Database information ?

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BUG: If you set a key to something like: key. When you try to enter it, it brings up the chat box behind it and you cant enter anything into the key box.

It seems, that if the key box is up, it doesnt disable any other keystroke actions within mta. EG: If I have a password with the letter P, i will type p in the key prompt, and it brings up the admin panel behind it.

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