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  1. I don't care about restarting MTA/GTA but what in my opinion should be implemented is (I don't really know if the following is related to the limits stuff at all you are talking about, but anyway): increased draw distance of custom objects; increased amount of objects being drawn on the screen at once (you know, they start to dissapear if there are too many); ability to replace original map with a custom one (Vice City, Liberty City, etc.) without getting headaches because of missing collisions, crashes (without wasting your time on writing your own streamer and stuff); something that will bring the possibility to generate maps like.. Minecraft, where each cube is a separate custom object. (yea I know it sounds stupid, but anyway).
  2. Уважаемый @evanj, тут уже был с десяток подобных тем, в которых ребята тоже говорили, что их якобы заблокировали "по ошибке". На данном форуме такие темы не рассматриваются, закрываются и в скором времени удаляются. Поэтому вам просто остается сидеть и ждать, даже если (как вы утверждаете) бан был выдан ни с того, ни с сего. Дальнейшие мольбы с просьбами разбанить никакого эффекта не принесут, поверьте.
  3. Для парсинга тегов <removeWorldModel /> внутри .map-файлов используются два отдельных скрипта: mapEditorScriptingExtension_s.lua и mapEditorScriptingExtension_c.lua, которые должны быть внутри ресурса. Они то и делают всю работу по удалению объектов. Достать эти скрипты можно, например, создав в редакторе карт пустую карту, удалив там пару объектов и сохранив ее.
  4. Т. е. наличие читеров - это наоборот плюс?
  5. Hey CodyL, could you do a small video showing off the progress on Liberty City? I'm really exited and interested in something like this. By the way, is it possible to place objects on the custom map? I mean.. load it in map editor and put some stuff like trees, trash, etc.? Won't it cause problems with streaming custom objects?
  6. I wonder how you keep the process of loading/streaming custom models to be really that stable, that the models won't loose their collision/textures/etc. I was trying to convert Myriad Islands mod to MTA and never achieved something similar to this, it looked like crap and models started to loose their collision after a while. Judging by your screenshots you got lots of models streamed at once, even with LODs. Holy cow.
  7. local yourTabPanel = guiCreateTabPanel( ... ) local tab = guiCreateTab( "fancyTab", yourTabPanel ) local imagePosX, imagePosY = 30, 50 -- relatively to tab local imageSizeX, imageSizeY = 75, 90 -- whatever local image = guiCreateStaticImage( imagePosX, imagePosY, imageSizeX, imageSizeY, "path/to/your/image.png", false, tab )
  8. Баг, аж со времен developer preview версии клиента. Если все таки отображение короны критично, можно воспользоваться этим ресурсом.
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to completely disable scrollbars of a scrollpane? I tried guiScrollPaneSetScrollBars(), but it can only force the scrollbars to be turned on or set them to the default state.
  10. Whats the real purpose of using SQL on client side anyway?
  11. As far as I know: the #1 thing will happen if objects are outside of the default map boundaries. #2 is an old bug (still hasn't been fixed yet).
  12. Sorry. I slightly edited my post. No problem, mine has some specific name
  13. Something similar was made by made long time ago. You might take some ideas from it to (may be) improve your script in some way. Good work anyways.
  14. + можно покрутить параметры самого изображения, создав его как текстурку с помощью dxCreateTexture
  15. My guess on why it returns nil is probably because you have to set the camera matrix first before getting it (this applies for server-side only):
  16. Something like this I guess: local pVehicle = {} ... somePlayer = getPlayerFromName( "Mike" ) -- Idk how you get your player, but lets just pick one named Mike for our case pVehicle[ somePlayer ] = createVehicle( ... ) setElementPosition( pVehicle[ somePlayer ], ... )
  17. Да, может. ="myscript.lua" type="shared" /> Подробнее тут.
  18. Hi. You have to use setPlayerHudComponentVisible with "area_name" and "vehicle_name".
  19. DakiLLa


    Would like to know where they say you had to use tl, tr, bl, br. @DakiLLa ? Back in the day when I was busy with some GUI related stuff I found this thing.
  20. This article pretty much explains everything you need. If your VPS is running on linux, I'd advice you to check this forum section.
  21. Like this? See here and here (wiki documentation). This resource actually lets you create blur sections everywhere you want on your screen.
  22. According to the wiki: Idk, I never tried to put there something else than -1.
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