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  1. I dont know where to put this topic, so, please, dont delete it, or when u change destination, then PM me the new destinatin Im pretty sure that in this forum are some 3d modelers. So, i have some problems with saving .dff file. It keeps spaming error: "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined." What i should do, also, i some of my models have been saved, and in mta, the 50% of textures aren't shown up, why ? Im using sketcup, 3ds max, and the g-img. I have made model in sketcup, exportit as a one group, imported in 3ds max, deleted the shematic view, and then try to save .dff file, and it says "Unkown property: "diffuse" in undefined."
  2. CowTurbo

    Some mathz

    but im i right that i cant destroy "object limit" ?
  3. CowTurbo

    Some mathz

    man, i wont hold it in me .. THX MAANN; U MADE MY DAY! You will get credits for sure in my gamemode!! It works well And its better than mine Thx.
  4. CowTurbo

    Some mathz

    So, as my math isn't so good as i can get it, i wanna ask it from here. So, i have done that when a vehicele hits marker, the marker move. But, i need to move the marker ALWAYS to the right side of vehicle. So, when i hit it from north, it goes to the left side of vehicle, when i hit south, it goes left side.. i hope u understand. And.. i dont have no idea how to make that. some rotations and positions .. ?
  5. CowTurbo


    Damn u, i will try, only thing where i will be stucked is the timer thing, how i make gravity efect.. im not good at maths
  6. CowTurbo


    CrystalMV , never done things with those functions. Is it too much if i ask this thing from u U Can get credits for sure If no, then i will try
  7. CowTurbo


    But there is some way to get that if fire truck pulls water on the fire, so i can delete it. ?
  8. CowTurbo


    Isnt there no function to get fire position and is it still fireing ? Example: You create fire using fire = createFire ( x,y,z , 3 ) and now i wanna get the fire pos getFirePos ( fire ) ( I know, no such function ) but there isnt no function for it, getElementPosition dont get it. Also, i cant check is it still fireing, something like isFireAlive ( fire ) and it can return true or false ... so, i wanna ask isnt it possible with no way ? if not, then my gamemode wont be cool..
  9. Voted, and asked to vote my team too. http://www.mrteamgaming.eu/viewtopic.ph ... 9f75a11abf
  10. I like that host for now, This guy have seen hard work on working hosting servers. For now, i got 2 servers in there, and they are well hosted. Pings are normal, you can manage your server files easyly, everyone are happy And its damn cheap, 1024 slots for 10 EUR, Found another host for that price ? I dont think so
  11. only possible way is editing .dff
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