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  1. He is allowed since this topic is still active, when it gets inactive it will get low auto
  2. You are right because owner is Matthew Ello, he should be banned from mtasa
  3. Ha - Ha - Ha your english made my day I give a suggestion to you, If you are not good at something don't use it. Delux-host.com was stupid host, same goes for yours.They had no support and buggy control panel if i remember.Learn english
  4. I agree , Solidsnake is too strict on us and never misses a time to use power He also deletes our post for very small reasons like saying, "this server is bad"
  5. I was thinking for how long you think MTA:SA is going to stay with players playing it.As you know gta sa was released in 2006 and its been 6 years now and still people enjoying it.Server player counts increased more these years so what you think how long MTA is going to stay, whats your opinion? I think more 4 years because there are no other good freeroam games even comparable to gtasa and MTA makes it perfect. I started this topic because i am away from mta (only on forums) and would like to see it just like this when i come back later after 1-2 years.
  6. and? what you wanna prove? that you know better than me?. Listen people don't come on internet to know how much you know , they come to get help. Yes mysql root doesn't have a password and it needs to be added by user and if user doesn't add then he can get hacked by someone so its a security issue.Its written on their website so stop making useless post. User should remember to change/set a password and he should also change username from "root" to something else as its not recommended.
  7. Stop spreading BS information to people, XAMPP is nothing but php,mysql,phpmyadmin ,apache and all the things in 1.Its same and can be used for servers.It can be installed easily You are saying this because you read this on their website : http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-linux.html and talking nonsense. Those security issues can be fixed, its not big thing Here a list of missing security in XAMPP: The MySQL administrator (root) has no password. The MySQL daemon is accessible via network. ProFTPD uses the password "lampp" for user "nobody". PhpMyAdmin is accessible via network. Examples are accessible via network. MySQL and Apache running under the same user (nobody). All can be fixed easily so stop acting like a teabag without knowledge and spreading wrong information to others.You can use it for professional things, atleast for a mta server or a website but if you have a huge company than its other thing and you may consider different options.Internet is full of people like you who spread wrong information without knowledge.IF you dont know "shutup"!
  8. why not release MTA:IV? any reasons?
  9. just add in client side anywhere, first line will be cool
  10. it has pile of shit coding, not recommended if u want your server popular, it will make ur server lag lots of timers
  11. then maybe menu is gone
  12. It was never Galaxy host in their TOS, maybe you just mixed 2 websites after visiting there and ashpire servers.I had read their TOS at first day so maybe you need a doctor for brain checkup
  13. lol what an idiot! they should wipe his server
  14. mysql is database where everything will be stored like forum accounts,posts,topics. There are many tutorials http://tutorials.securesignup.net/vps-h ... admin.html Its easier to upload files from filezilla ftp client . Enter your vps username and password. IP will be vps ip and port: 22
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