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Bullsh*t Lame As Spam Thread - B.L.A.S.T (All Welcome)


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Looking as there is no general discussion thread this place looks to be a good spot to relaunch the OMBAST (renamed BLAST)

you know the rules. answer the question above and then ask one

Q. What you think of the new ranking system?

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A. Cause you want everyone to know how much of a 1337 n3rd you are with you forum posts =) - yes i cant speak i know, but at least i dont advertise it =P

Q. Why haven't i added my number of previous forum posts to my sig? - yes i know i dont have one currently!

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lol - crazy old bill =)

A. Current fav game is gta3 =) - my all time fav games would have to be Diablo, The Secret of Monkey Island, Buggy Boy, Pinball Dreams, worms+ etc etc etc i could go on =)

Q. If you had to add one weapon to GTA3 that is in Vice, what would it be?

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A. yes bill, 'Q'. as in the letter in the alohabet inbetween P and R. Usually has a u after it? - remember that one bill? =)

Weird question

Q. I see that some of the admin have a moderator tag AND a custom tag. How do i change my tag? - dont need the word moderator there twice =)

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If you click "Profile" at the top, it should be somewhere under "Profile Information" header.

How would you pick the Mini-Gun? I personally thought it was awful. Sure, it was powerful, but I think its power made it a bit unfair and it was practically impossible to aim. I'd love to see the chainsaw, personally (for another melee weapon besides the weak, pointless bat.)

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A. Nah, i think bengriff is sticking to modstack after the small problem with this forum - nuff said.

Answer i think is like the 1930s - during the second world war, they made a computer to break the german codes or something.

Q. Can someone please tell me how i can change my tag? - Probably aimed at vogel or blocker, but anyone is open to guess at it! =)

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