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Ok, now you have shown us there will be passenger seats in the next version of MTA: VC. Are complete enemies gonna be getting in the same cars now, or do u have to come to some agreement somehow. This information would be greatly appreciated. Also, in this version will the other animations be in and the exception error gone???

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Well, since teams are still not established, anyone will be able to enter your car as long as you slow down enough for them to enter. Assuming we can get it working 100% that is.

I doubt any other animations will be synced, but I will not promise anything.

Exceptions will never be gone completely, from what we know as of now. We are hoping they are less, that is all.

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arf bad news u told me :-(

so if i got ur message right animation is the hardest task to implement ?

what about the new netcode ? can u tell us some of the improvement or new feature ? we saw the new chat system on the screen but is it working better ?(no more msg loss ? , no more typing issue with azerty keyboard ?)

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Personally I think the walking is fine as it is, one of the funniest things about the game actually. Although I usually end up gettting killed by someone who's stuck lying on the ground but still moving around, because I'm laughing too hard

I was playing the other day and some guy was stuck in the falling animation, climbing the girder at the construction site to get the machinegun, looked like he was superman. very funny stuff

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Personally I think the walking is fine as it is, one of the funniest things about the game actually...
The walking animation is weird to me they dont walk they hover :?

What would make it more funny is if they made each person make the noise from the Jetson's hover cars. So as someone walked passed you it would sound like they are riding a hover board. That would kinda mask the poor animation with an amusement factor.

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Since I've read a problem with the chat using azerty keyboard on this Topic, I just post a question I got my own on the chat right here!

I can't seem to type numbers into the chat system, while others perfectly can. Instead of typing [1234567890], I get these symbols [&é"'(§è!çà] displayed. So I always fully have to type them down.

I'm allready convinced this problem will get looked at/solved! :P

PS: I'm not the only one who has got this annoying disfunction.

:!: I'm as lucky as anybody else, all latest GTA games got patches :!: Dutch 4 !3V4! :!:

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