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  1. Jamie2

    changing model

    You get a random one you cant change it
  2. Its good but we never got to see the bike stutns land
  3. done it to me at first but then it worked again few hours later
  4. Thats huge but what is it? a car or a thing to stick on your helicopter?
  5. I surrpose useing a trainer you can use the water cheat but cheaters suck
  6. Totenkopf spams sometimes but never seen fred post
  7. This isent a competion and I dont give a damn if im a newbie on a forum we all have our times as a newbie whos gives a dam!
  8. I only have that bug the rest is fine and i know what you mean that is anoyying
  9. Well it is a beta face facts stupid boy
  10. I have a router and firewall and it works fine to me
  11. Dont think theresa way to fix them errors i was in that game at the time
  12. Windows Xp professional and Compatibility on MTA is windows 2000 and Compatibility on vice city is Xp
  13. Well yes its anoyying cause it happens everytime
  14. What you mean by lagged up?
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