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Replacing original people with multiplayer people.

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sorry to jump into your thread without offering any help but :D TRAFFIC RESOURCE :D

Oh My Freakin God

is this true and if it is where do i find it ( i already have ace_gambit's [ pretty sure it was by ace_gambit ] example of peds driving if that is what u mean and must say it is very cool )

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No, it's not because it was a bit laggy when there was more players online... but then it was fixed to only see a certain number of peds in a rage. Then it disappeared and is not available to download, not sure if it was actually available at all.

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Nope, you'd have to re-script it, which is a pretty tough job.

It was removed as there's no real control over them I think. You can't do much with pre-created peds and vehicles by GTA SA. Besides that, they're also not synched. Someone would collide against a truck, while the other player has no idea why the car suddenly stopped, as he might not see the truck.

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